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    At NJ SEO, providing the best search engine optimization (SEO) service in Wallington, New Jersey is our bread and butter and what we do routinely. With that much time, testing, and proven experience, it is what makes us the experts. Our strategy is not only to get you the rankings on the front page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo but also to keep you there as well. Because if you're not on the front page, you're losing out on customers to the competition. Therefore, we know what it takes to get you to the front!

    Search Engine Optimization Services
    We will sit down with you to review your company's SEO goals and objectives. As well as let you know if your goals are realistic and or obtainable in terms of time and budget and make changes as necessary. Afterwards, we will draft up an action plan to launch a marketing campaign and started. So it doesn't matter if you're located in Wallington or a need of NJ SEO expert, we've got you covered.

    Keywords Review and Consultation
    Keywords targeting is what it's all about in SEO. We will work together to understand your business and the keyword clouds encompassing it. Then, we will select the most appropriate keywords. As well as review the website’s on-page SEO and makes suggestions on how to better improve it.

    Google Webmaster Setup
    Here we will configure your website for use and integration with Google Analytics and search console. Getting statistics is the first step in understanding the positioning of your website in terms of how search engines view it.

    SEO Campaign Launch
    At this phase we are done with the talking because it's time to take action and start getting the work done. Because this is where the excitement starts as we work hard to progressively improve the ranking of your website. To eventually get to the front of the search results page.

    Citation Audit for Local Business
    For local businesses, it's vital that you get on the map for local searches and mobile smartphones. Therefore, we will audit all citations to your business and correct and improve or add as necessary.

    Linking Strategies
    The way traffic flows in and through your website is critical to search engines. As Google likes navigation- friendly sites, we will review and make recommendations as needed. Of course this all starts by consulting with your local Wallington SEO and forming a strategic plan to optimize all links first.

    If your website is not mobile compatible then your business is already in a world of hurt. There are a couple reasons why. Nowadays, mobile smartphones searches are dominant over the desktops. And the second reason is that Google will favor mobile sites in returning search results. So with that said, if you're not mobile, you need to contact your local Wallington SEO expert NJ SEO ASAP.