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    NJ SEO Services
    As a New Jersey SEO company since 2010 serving clients throughout the U.S., NJ SEO delivers a wide range of search engine optimization services to address a wide range of business needs and industries.

    You may need SEO consulting or several a la carte services to handle your particular business needs and industry competition to help your business NJ SEO services global red. Move the needle in the right direction. Whether you are a small, medium, or large company and you’re focusing your efforts locally, nationally, or internationally we have a wide array of digital marketing and SEO services to fit your needs.

    Our clients have ranged from local to international companies and our SEO services are tailor made to help you reach your goals with organic traffic.

    SEO Services to Help You Grow Your Organic Traffic
    SEO Site Analysis (Audit)

    The NJ SEO Website Analysis is designed to evaluate your entire website structure and reveal any weaknesses that may be holding your website back in the search engines so they can be quickly corrected to deliver an increase in organic rankings. The report lists out the following:

    Website Information Architecture
    Site Structure
    Content Analysis
    Domain Strength
    Backlink Profile
    Social Media Popularity
    SEO Penalty Audit

    The NJ SEO penalty audit will give you an in-depth critique of your website focused on identifying any toxic links or issues that could be violating Google best practices. Most businesses may have retained the services of a SEO company in the past that was either very cheap or engaged in spam tactics to manipulate the website rankings in the search engines. Whatever the case, you may need a plan to disavow the toxic links and correct the website violations to recovery your search engine rankings.

    SEO Mobile Responsive Readiness

    There is no doubt more and more users are using mobile devices to reach your website. If your website is not mobile and tablet optimized to deliver a better user experience (UX) your business is not only losing customers but it is also not delivering the best user experience and that is a ranking factor. The mobile responsive readiness analysis will uncover how your website appears across mobile, tablet devices and different browsers that can affect your rankings in the Google mobile search index.

    Monthly Monitoring and Maintenance SEO Services

    Many clients whom have completed their SEO service with NJ SEO and reached the organic ranking results they wanted may choose to maintain blue and white SEO this ranking with a monthly maintenance and reporting retainer. Although many of our clients achieve top rankings and without any maintenance are able to maintain those rankings because of our white hat SEO service, if your competition is working hard to outrank you they eventually will.

    With our monthly maintenance retainer we will continually monitor your website and search engine ranking to detect any drops. Once identified we will make the necessary adjustments covered by your retainer to boost the website and recover the position.

    SEO Content Services

    Creating high-quality premium content is a key factor to any quality SEO service, and great content serves several purposes:
    1. Ads quality content to your website blog for your consumers.
    2. Increases number of pages on your site.
    3. Provides link bait.
    4. Increases linkable content on your site.
    5. Gives you content to market through social media.

    One can talk at length regarding the benefits of having lots of quality search engine optimized content on your site. By helping to shape the topical relevance of your website and adding the value listed here, your website will see an increase in search engine rankings for a multitude of search keywords. Regardless of your industry, whether medical plastic surgery SEO or local business, the content is designed around your business.

    On-page SEO Services

    On-page SEO focuses on your website and primary ranking pages. After completing a full SEO Audit, keyword research, and mapping keywords to existing pages (or creating new pages if needed) optimization of the website can begin. As the term suggest on-page covers factors that deal with your website pages including META data, site structure, URL structure, coding, errors, content, broken images and links, page speed and any violations revealed during the audit.

    SEO Off-page SEO Services

    Off page SEO services is the bulk of work done on any SEO campaign after the initial on-page optimization has been completed. This is continual white hat SEO Link Acquisition which is done using Blogger Outreach. We manually reach out to websites relevant to your industry and pitch them with the intention of creating value to webmaster and increasing your Brand recognition. By contributing great content through guest posting and featured articles and interviews, we acquire high-quality premium links back to your website. We have had clients featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, and many other top editorial websites.

    DIY (do it yourself) SEO Services

    If you want to learn SEO or have an SEO or web development team on staff at your company that needs to augment their training, you may be interested on some of the following SEO services.

    SEO Consulting Services – NJ SEO consulting services are custom designed to help companies that have their own staff and would like external expertise and guidance. NJ SEO will work with you to create a program that is rewarding and educational to increase your rankings. Consulting is based on your needs, website complexity, and industry competition. Consulting currently starts at $250/hr. and is subject to change at any time, prices are negotiable based on needs. Contact me to discuss your project.

    SEO Blueprint – The NJ SEO Blueprint is a DIY solution. My team and I will put together a step-by-step program for you to follow and execute. It includes the complete SEO Audit, researched and filtered list of Link Acquisition Prospects in your industry, email templates that you can use at your choice for Blogger Outreach, a list of recommended tools to use (if you choose), and How-To information. SEO Blueprints take about 4-6 weeks to complete depending on number of orders and start at $5,000. Prices will vary depending on complexity of website and are negotiable based on your project needs. Contact me to discuss your project.