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    Does Your Business Show Up on Page 1? Or Have You Been the Target of a Penguin, Panda or Pigeon Recently?

    We Can Help! The NJ SEO Specializes in Penalty Recovery and Proprietary Search Engine Optimization

    Each member of The NJ SEO’s SEO team is an expert in their field, which means we know how to pinpoint the most effective, fastest action to help improve your search position quickly. We then stay on top of the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks which must be completed in order to keep your site competitive.

    You see, even as you’re trying to use SEO to improve your visibility your competitors are all trying to do the same. Companies can’t sit on their hands just because they reach page 1…they have to constantly stay in motion to ensure they aren’t toppled from their prime position.

    It takes constant vigilance and an adherence to best practices. It requires full-time professionals who will stay on top of search engine updates and who will help your company be proactive about making the changes and adjustments that are required to keep your website where it needs to be.

    Fortunately, The NJ SEO team is up to the challenge.

    SEO audit

    SEO, It’s What We Do

    Our services are fast because we’ve been serving the West Wildwood market since 2005. This means we’ve perfected and developed a process which helps companies rise to the top.

    We’re like SEO mechanics. We use a 300-point checklist to evaluate your website, your web presence, and your competition.

    This checklist evaluates issues such as:


    Back link profiles


    Load speed issues


    Responsiveness (mobile-friendliness)

    Content quality

    Duplicate content issues

    Bounce rate


    XML Site Maps

    Then, we get to work, offering the tune-ups and repairs which will drive your outstanding business website right to the top of the pack. We’ve even helped sites which are suffering from search engine penalties.

    Ready to Get Your Business on Page 1?

    Dominate the Search Engines Results.

    Since 2007 Our SEO Services Have Helped 100’s Of Clients Achieve Page One Results.

    Every SEO plan is individualized to each company so you get the best possible results as quickly as possible. All of your ideal customers use search engines to research the products and services they plan to purchase.

    On-Site – Is your site ready to rank?

    SEO starts on your website. We start by comparing your site’s architecture, structure and content to the competition’s. This in-depth analysis allows us to develop strategies for improving and optimizing your content, meta-data, and site-structure.

    Most of our clients receive an on-site overhaul which includes a rewrite of the content and the meta-data. We look for issues like duplicate content, keyword overuse, thin content, and other problems which reduce your trust and authority on your site. Our on-site strategies are designed to exceed the competition’s efforts, which means better results.

    Of course, we never write for robots alone. Our copywriters write for conversions first, because increasing your revenue is the reason we’re here.

    Off-Site SEO – Who’s voting for your website?

    The Internet actively “votes” for the sites they think should rank for any given keyword, though nobody goes to the polls. A “vote” is cast every time a relevant site links back to your site. Our proprietary SEO process is our “Secret Sauce,” increasing your chances of getting the votes (backlinks) your site desperately needs. We pay close attention to search filters ever-changing guidelines, building your company backlink profile to benefit your business website over the long-term.

    Key Word Research – Are you targeting the right keywords?

    Many business owners think they know the keywords that bring them the most traffic. However, small variations can make a big difference. Many business owners target keywords with major problems such as:

    Too broad
    Too competitive
    Target tire kickers instead of serious buyers
    Aren’t used by consumers
    SEO list
    Ranking isn’t profitable if you’re ranking for the wrong terms! Our keyword research experts ensure your site ranks for profitable terms, using data-driven decisions that eliminate guesswork.

    Does Your SEO Have Your Business in The Top 3?

    Become Authoritative, Trustworthy and Relevant


    Our monthly search engine optimization services are some of the most affordable in the industry. We don’t feel the need to charge you expensive up-front fees. We’re confident in our SEO process and have it down to a science. We don’t waste money wasting time, and we’re able to pass those savings on to you.

    No long contracts.

    The NJ SEO offers the most competitive search engine optimization service in the industry. We want to be given a fair shot at having enough time to deliver the very best results. We understand Results equal Revenue.

    A business should employ our SEO company because they need to compete over and above a paid ad strategy. When you retain The NJ SEO your SEO strategy will have many parts that will require interaction, meetings, timelines and goals. We look forward to helping your business grow with our strong SEO.


    We use cutting edge analytical tools to ensure every client is receiving results. Furthermore, our results are utterly transparent to our customers. Each client receives a log-in to a personalized analytics dashboard so they can see traffic figures, ranking information, and trends over time.

    This dashboard provides clients with a concrete vision of the results we’re achieving. Got questions? Contact us at any time. One of our SEO specialists will be happy to go over your results with you.


    We don’t believe in short-term gains. Our customers enjoy steady, long-term SEO gains because we adhere to all industry best practices. We stay on top of ever-shifting algorithm changes as well as webmaster guidelines published by all major search engines. We never resort to “black hat” practices, because we know those will hurt your business in the long run. Instead, we get you to page 1 and we keep you there.