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    Welcome to our Search Engine Optimization Studio (SEO). There's an old saying that goes: what good is it to have a fancy website if no one can find it? This is the mantra the Web Design team here at NJ SEO follows. It is so important to optimize your website for it to be found online by both direct search and keyword search.

    Business owners understand the importance of including SEO in an overall digital marketing plan, along with Social Media Marketing but the issue is time. It takes a lot of time to optimize a website for search engines, and it takes at least 5-7 hours a week to maintain social media. That's where we come in.

    Organic SEO is when an SEO professional optimizes a website according to a certain set of key words and key phrases. The process of SEO involves a lot of research, analysis, and thoughtfulness in order to have a success campaign. SEO is not to be confused with Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEM is the paid side of digital marketing. This is when one pays Google for advertising according to a set key phrase they hope will bring leads to their website. NJ SEO also specializes in the management of these accounts, but for that we are building a new studio page to better communicate all the details.

    In a nutshell, you need to consider ways of helping people find your website. Organic SEO (not paying Google) is a good place to invest as it builds your online presence over time and the work is more future-proof than paid advertising. Sure, it takes longer and requires you to have some patience, but the quality of the traffic is much greater and we are able to on average optimize for up to two key phrases in 3-5 months. This means page one of Google and in the top three results. Think what that would do for your business!

    NJ SEO manages every aspect of our digital marketing and we are very pleased with the work they do. Our website traffic grows each week. Eric has built a program for us that helps ensure only qualified traffic comes to the site.