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    NJ SEO, an online company operating from Woodstown NJ is proud to announce its offer of new SEO services to its customers. Additionally, the company has also released details on the unique approach its staff members are taking in designing websites. The goal is to make sure a website doesn't just look great, but that is found by people as well, and then converting web traffic into leads, and then moving on to sales.

    We understand like no other that designing a beautiful website is just the first piece of a complicated jigsaw. After all, there is no point in having a gorgeous website if nobody finds it and engages with it. We want to make sure that this engagement happens, increasing traffic and turning that traffic into sales.

    The company offers a range of services to achieve the results that they promise. These include web design, SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click), graphic design, Facebook marketing, content writing and press releases. These elements are all absolutely vital to creating and running a successful website.

    Besides releasing more information on their exact services, NJ SEO is also proud to announce that they have full A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This means that they uphold the highest standards of business conduct that can be expected. Indeed, they have only received a single complaint, which was in relation to billing and collection, but this complaint has been fully resolved.

    The goal for the company is to make sure their clients can gain true online dominance with their websites. This is achieved by focusing on all the different services that are out there, including YouTube, Facebook and more. In order to build authority for a website, some 200 different ranking factors have to be taken into consideration. Additionally, the algorithms that underpin these ranking factors are changed around 600 times per year, which is almost twice per day.

    The staff at NJ SEO are there to ensure websites continue to meet those ranking factors, even after changes are implemented. In doing so, they help their clients maintain their online dominance. Because they couple this with fantastic web design services, they ensure that their clients not only attract a lot more traffic to their site, but that this traffic stays there, converting into true leads and customers. The average online visitor has a 3 second attention span and NJ SEO wants to make sure those three seconds are expanded by designing websites that are attractive and easy to use.