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    Marketing for small businesses has changed greatly over the past several years. Traditional phone book and print advertising has been replaced by Google and the Internet. As a result, most people today will discover and learn about your business via the Internet. But it’s difficult to be discovered if your website does not rank very high in search engine results. The solution to that problem is SEO, or search engine optimization.

    SEO involves various strategies to help your website rank higher in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing for keywords and search terms that are relevant to your business. For example, if you run a Cajun restaurant located in the French Quarter of Woolwich Township, you would logically want to rank high in Google for search terms such as “French Quarter Cajun restaurant” or “Cajun restaurant Woolwich Township”. SEO helps you do just that. And the higher your website ranks, the more website visitors you will have, which will lead to more phone calls, more customers, and more business. In short, if your business has a website, you need SEO.

    Every business needs to market and advertise their business. The problem with traditional paid advertising is that it can be very costly and produce unsatisfying results. And once the money is spent, the ads stop and so do the new customers. But SEO can result in great returns on your investment, and the effects of good SEO endure.

    Free Website Analysis and SEO Report
    If your business' website is not ranking as well as you would like to and you're not seeing the type of results that you were hoping for, we can help. The first step is finding out exactly what the problem is. For many of the clients that we have helped, a large part of the problem was their website itself. You see, in order to rank well in Google and in the other search engines, the coding and various other elements of a website must be set up correctly and optimized. If they are not, rankings are bound to suffer.

    So, as a complimentary service for businesses, we offer a free website analysis and SEO report. We will analyze your website and then send you a report which will clearly explain what changes need to be made to your site so that it is in a much better position to rank higher. We'll also provide you with some other suggestions that will help even more.

    An SEO Company That You Can Trust
    There are many SEO companies out there today, and it is understandably difficult to know who to trust. We at NJ SEO are committed to only doing SEO the right, clean, ethical way that will produce results for your business. And because we are a local Woolwich Township SEO company, we understand the Woolwich Township market. We're also just a phone call away for a question or a face-to-face meeting.

    *Technically speaking, Google and the other search engines do not rank web SITES, they rank web PAGES. But since most businesses try to direct visitors to their home page, when we speak about your website ranking high, we are generally referring to your home page.