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Karen Jennings

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Choreography is not only my passion but also my livelihood. I was earning a living but not really expanding my business. I decided it was time to do something different and try a new dance move so to speak in the business world. After learning about Google traffic and Search Engine Optimization I found a video series where Dan Anton was recommended in an Interview. After a 15 minute conversation I knew he had all the right moves...growing rather than just sustaining and it's a very freeing feeling.
Deanna Clover
Deanna Clover
I worked with Dan Anton to begin SEO initiatives on our company website. Working with us, he successfully navigated technical difficulties we faced, to concentrate on SEO benefits we could influence. From keyword identification, site audits, right through to implementation of innovative SEO smarts he was key in assisting the SEO cause. We liked his work so much, that we eventually brought on our other business assets.
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Charles Addison
My new roofing contractor venture was using nearly all our marketing budget for leads that were luke warm...the leads I'm now getting to my website because of Dan Anton is incredible. Just landed a commercial roofing project in NJ. Now rather than be on every job site I'm able to subcontract out the work and manage my business rather than working in it. Definetly a life long customer
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Henry Del cristo
NJ SEO has been a true partner in my online efforts. I went from barely getting any search traffic, to lowering my social media budget and focusing 80% of my budget not just for SEO because it has repeatedly outperformed all other marketing channels. Of course word of mouth is the best form of advertising, but everyone is now looking on Google and Bing to find what they are looking for, and Dan has delivered big time with a product that gets results. With no long term contracts and verifiable ranking result tracking, it allows me to sleep soundly at night knowing all my ducks are in a row.
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John Stocks
Just wanted to say thank you to NJ SEO for ranking my website for multiple keywords. After some terrible experiences with companies that specialize in everything (how is that possible?) I realize I needed just a search engine specialist and Dan Anton delivered!
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Matthew Schultz
These guys do great work! I am always impressed with the advice and expertise.
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Jack Farrell
My cousins live in NJ and I go to visit them often. My business caters to both English speaking clients and Spanish. That's when I met Dan Anton at a marketing conference in NJ. I was amazed with his level of knowledge on internet marketing and soon began to realize I wasn't able to reach my Spanish speaking clients because I did not have webpages setup to target them. Dan helped guide me through the process and set me up with a monthly plan which has increased our traffic in Google analytics and results in 5-10 new business leads each month, which is a big increase from the 1-2 we got before implementing NJ SEO services.
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Anna Behar
I knew I didn't want to change the look of my website but what I didn't realize is I was leaving more than 50% of the traffic to competitors by not having proper web pages setup for my other services. The consultation alone was invaluable. Checking my Google Analytics account I can see traffic is up to not only my main homepage but new inner pages as well.
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Daniel P