SEO Tools and Software to Dominate

SEO Tools, Internet Marketing Technologies and Search Engine Optimization Software allow deeper insights and actionable steps to ranking higher in Google organic results and Google Maps. Here are some tools and best practices NJ SEO follows for our clients.

Google AMPGoogle Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is the new official standard for mobile websites on the internet according to Google as of July 2018. Ordinary “Mobile Friendly” or “Responsive” websites take time to load, but a valid Google AMP website loads instantly because it’s stored in Google’s own cloud server!

Smart Engage logoSmartEngage is a Cross-Channel Autoresponder which combines Facebook Chat Bots, Email Marketing and Push Notifications. Creating basic If/Then statements allow our clients to not only message their customers on multiple platforms, but keep track of activities across multiple platforms to ensure our clients remain relevant and timely to their customers.

WordPressWordPress is an open-source Content Management System which enables robust designs, functionality, and premium plugins to enhance technically the backend of websites for Search Engine Optimization, and front-end for calls to action and beautiful designed themes and layouts.

AMP for WPAMP for WP is a premium paid plugin we install on client’s websites (if WordPress) to activate Accelerated Mobile Pages as a framework for design and function.

ImagifyImagify is a paid premium plugin which speeds up your website load times by reducing the file size of your images without sacrificing quality.

Google MapsGoogle Maps (controlled by Google My Business) is the local/regional hub of all your online marketing efforts. It’s critical to rank locally but also important for National companies as well. Optimizations include uploading renamed photos/videos (adding meta data on zip code level in photoshop), adding Services, Service Areas, Description, Categories, Responding to Reviews, creating Posts for every webpage, and creating daily posts for consistent activity.

Google Search ConsoleGoogle Search Console is our direct line of communication between Google and us (the webmasters). This means any errors, warnings, validations, indexing, are all communicated clearly by Google direct, versus guessing at technical Search Engine Optimization Issues. Also, ability to see AMP implementation, top landing pages, impressions, and clicks.

Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics provides detailed information of ALL traffic to your website. This is important to view traffic sources (organic, paid, social, direct, other), time spent on page, bounce rates, traffic flow and conversions.