SEO will bring You targeted website traffic

    NJ SEO
    We design and develop high-end websites that shine a spotlight on your product or service.
    As a New Jersey Web Design Company, we understand the importance of matching the design of your website to your brand. Your site does double duty as the face of your product or service and a client’s first glimpse at the unique use of your brand. From a website’s landing page to contact details, every area is a potential launchpad that can propel users into your story—or stop them dead in their tracks.
    How to ensure you never miss a chance to convert? Taking the results from UX testing, we’ll fine tune designs that clearly delivers your message, while assuring that each click further establishes the ability of your offering to meet the goals of your customers.

    Responsive Design
    All of our designs are based on a “mobile-first” strategy. This allows us to create a website that looks fantastic on all screen sizes and devices.

    Color Theory
    If you don’t already have a brand color, we can research color palettes using modern color theory. Choosing the right color combinations requires years of experience.

    Similar to your color scheme, typography plays a huge role in projecting your brands image and style. The wrong font choice can look tacky and destroy the rest of your design.

    Clean Code
    We follow all standard coding protocols so that you don’t get dinged for poorly written programming which not only is a security risk, but can make for a poor visitor experience.

    HTML5 is the industry standard but not everyone knows how to use it correctly, especially when it comes to streaming video.

    Most of our sites are designed using WordPress allowing you to easily change content, however; we also specialize in Magento, OpenCart, and Bootstrap.