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    Hi, We're NJ SEO.
    We’re an independent design agency that believes in the power of effective design to solve business problems. We provide creative solutions that reflect your company’s vision and relate to your audience through meaningful visuals. Share your challenge, and grow with us.

    Our Specialties
    Successful design isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, it’s a consistent and strategic visual system applied across all communication mediums. At NJ SEO, we offer a range of services in support of the brands that enter our studio doors, met with two decades of expertise to back it up. We embrace big challenges. Share yours with us, and let’s get to work.

    Brand Identity
    The brand is the core of an organization. It’s the visual identity that represents what makes you unique. An authentic brand will result in firm presence, and that presence will form everlasting bonds with your audience.

    Art Direction
    Impact is maintaining consistent brand aesthetics throughout all of your touchpoints. All materials should have a strong backbone that reflects your core. To put it simply, we’re here to keep everything on the rails.

    Brand Strategy
    We don’t design for designs sake. We look into your objectives, your mission, vision, and values. We consider your industry and we analyze your audience. It’s only after this that we are able to provide design solutions that carry out your specific objectives.

    Content Creation
    Developing content that carries out your brand voice is crucial to maintaining a connection with your audience. Whether you have photography, copywriting, or social media content needs, we’re here to help extend that messaging.

    Your online presence is everything. It’s often the first interaction a consumer will have with your brand. It’s essential to create an intuitive, user-centered site to ensure your audience is engaging with your brand in the most strategic way possible.

    Print isn’t dead. Annual reports, publications, brochures, and business cards still have a place in this world and are simply another touchpoint for you to connect with your end users. Make sure it’s one that will leave an impression.

    Often the designed piece that carries your product is what your user is going to base their decision on. We create easy to use, thoughtfully designed packaging that will cause a double-take.

    From truck wraps to exterior signage, we have extensive experience when it comes to designing and producing branded materials in a way that will speak loudly and clearly in the outside world.

    Promotional pieces should draw attention and intrigue. We’re skilled in designing just that, and we have great relationships with reliable vendors that will produce finished products of high quality.

    Proven Process
    Close Collaboration
    Our process involves a lot of collaboration. You know your project and objectives the best, and we know how to design to meet those objectives. By working together, we’ll create the best solutions.

    Fine-Tuned R&D
    Before diving into design, we conduct extensive research and explore the essence of your business in order to define an accurate roadmap for development. Our creative influences reflect your objectives while speaking loudly and distinctively.

    Management Made Easy
    We facilitate easy brand management and consistency through the delivery of our Online Brand Guidelines. Our overall objective is to solve your business problems and make your life easier, and our Brand Guidelines provides you with all the tools necessary to do just that.

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