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    NJ SEO

    We are a New Jersey web design, website development and New Jersey SEO Company focused on helping businesses gain an effective internet presence. We are a business minded web design company that enjoys the challenge of getting to know various industries and developing websites that are valuable business tools and bring success. NJ SEO specializes in website design and development for small and medium size businesses. We also provide web design services for professionals, organizations and nonprofit groups.

    NJ SEO, your local New Jersey Web Design Company, is able to design and provide Search Engine Optimization to help your business get found online. We believe web design and online marketing should go hand in hand, and so we incorporate your branding in to your website. If you need some guidance getting your branding on track we can help you in this area as well.

    Every website design comes standard with SEO Optimization for organic SEO growth helping your business get found, mobile device friendly for people on the go, and a responsive design so your website adapts to look good on any size monitor as well as tablets.

    Bells, Whistles and Shiny Objects!
    We don’t add flashy effects to your Website Design for the sake of trying to impress visitors with the latest gimmicks. Instead, we focus on responsive web design that represents your brand with a professional website whether your customers are accessing your business website through a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or a mobile phone.

    What to Expect From Your Business Website?
    We are a New Jersey Web Design Company that creates websites that have a properly setup Organic SEO Structure; are Mobile Friendly compliant; convey that your business is legitimate, an authority and can be trusted; will be easy to navigate, consistent design throughout the website and be a tool for your business.

    Responsive Web Design (Included)
    Having a responsive web design is so very important, not only will it help to rank your business website better, it will also provide a better experience for the visitors of your website. When a responsive website is viewed on a larger monitor, smaller monitor or tablet it will reconfigure itself to present the content so it can be viewed without having to zoom in to see the information.

    Mobile Friendly Website (Included)
    Go mobile or bust, that was the message from Google when their algorithm starting ranking websites that were not mobile friendly lower than those that were. This change took effect on April 21, 2015, surprisingly many website are not mobile compliant today, many of them unaware of this negative impact on their search results. Is your website a mobile friendly website?

    Take Control of Your Website
    We take care of all of the nerd stuff while you manage your content. With our service we take care of everything else like the website hosting, website security, software updates, platform updates, website backups and more. You simply login to your website and make changes to the content with our easy to use content management setup, this saves you time and money. When it comes to local New Jersey Web Design companies we are truly your one stop shop.

    Think of Your Best and Worst Employee
    Image your best employee engaging customers and professionally greeting them and directing them in the manner that you would like for them to go and informing them what your business has to offer. Does your website behave like your best employee or your worst employee?

    Ready for offsite Search Engine Optimization?
    Many people don’t realize there are two types of SEO, onsite SEO and offsite SEO. Onsite SEO are the things we do to your website to help the website get noticed when people are searching for your business online. Offsite SEO are the things we do off, or away from, your website to help drive traffic to your website. We have many different campaigns we can incorporate into your digital marketing depending on your needs and the type of business you have.

    Cookies are Awesome! (cookies on a homepage, awesomer!)
    I hope we can all agree that cookies are awesome, especially ones with chocolate chips. We were inspired to create a recipe page with cookie recipes, check it out on our cookie recipe page. Now back to work, it is a fact cookies are awesome but cookie cutter website templates are not. We create business websites that represent your brand well and consider ourselves one of the best web design firms in New Jersey because we have cracked the code to making affordable websites without sacrificing quality. As far as cookies go, we are that giant cookie in the store window that can’t be resisted! Local New Jersey Web Design and chocolate chip cookies, it doesn’t get any better than that!

    What Makes Us Different?
    One of the biggest things that set us apart from our competitors is our culture; we have such a positive client centric culture. Keeping the client in mind in everything we do has helped us create a cost effective quality product that exceeds the needs of our clients.

    We even provide a customer support center that is designed to grow around the needs of our clients.

    Our team takes pride in helping small businesses succeed online and educating our clients about their online presence, we enjoy being your local New Jersey Web Design Company and greatly appreciate our clients.

    Website Design
    Your website represents your business online, you want to make sure your website not only looks good but navigates with purpose.

    Be there when customers look for you online, we help your business show up on the web. Your next customer could be a click away.

    Digital Marketing
    Ready to take things up a notch, we can help by actively targeting your prospective customers with various forms of digital marketing.

    Want to increase your sales, do so online!! Sell your goods or services online to increase your revenue as well as your exposure.

    We offer onsite photography service in the New Jersey and surround areas. Give your website an unfair advantage!!

    Menu Design
    We provide custom menu design from cover to cover. Your menu will always be all original to you, and your restaurant.

    Your website is the face of your business online. Many times it is the first impression for potential customers. So if you are starting a new business seeking design services or your current website needs an overhaul we will make sure your new website represents your business well and helps your business to get found online. We enjoy helping businesses and take pride in being a local New Jersey Web Design company.