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    Custom Web Design
    WordPress® + your unique branding has a huge potential for success. Websites take work, let our Website Concierge become your partner, mentor & guide for personalized coaching.

    Don’t come to the web party dressed like everyone else! Get your own “couture” design. Whatever your budget, we can find a theme that leaves a lasting impression.

    Responsive Web Design Mobile Responsive Themes
    Tablet, Notepad and Smartphone ready, meet your prospects—whenever, wherever and however they choose to search, find, view, read, and shop.

    WordPress Maintenance Made Easy Website Management
    Keeping your WP® website up to date technically is critical for security. WordPress & all your plugins & Themes. Save time, frustration and your ‘to do’ list—put it on ours.

    WordPress Website Design and Development Services
    Whether you choose a basic theme or a fully customized option, we’ll be here to guide you all the way, to make sure you are proud to say “this is my website.”

    NJ SEO places a special emphasis on visual design to appeal to the most aesthetically demanding visitors, but we also focus on creating the best bang for your buck to appeal to your business’s bottom line.

    Making it Affordable
    The one thing NJ SEO can do for you and your budget is to spread the cost. We are willing to bet that NJ SEO Inc is the only web company that will take a reduced initial retainer to start a project and then spread the remaining amount for up to 12 months! We have a number of creative and convenient payment solutions as part of our overall web creativity, and your business can spread the cost of your website over a whole 12 month marketing budget. We consider this a win-win for both your business and ours. How’s that for helping your bottom line?

    Mobile, Responsive (of course)
    You know “mobile friendly” is all the “rage,” well it’s not just a “rage” any more. Finely tuned design, intuitive usability, and a mobile friendly response are not just nice to have, these days they are a MUST-HAVE business critical your business.

    Taking the Geekiness out of the discussion
    Listening is always the first step. What is your business? Who is your target audience? What do you need? What do you want? What is your budget? What don’t you want? What you don’t know! Then we explain what you need to know using language that matches your GQ (Geek Quotient). It’s your website, you have a crucial role to play in how it develops.

    Search Engine Optimization
    It can be a tough concept to grasp just how important the optimization of your web content is but we do our best to work through this with you, providing Search Engine Optimization in the back office, together with ensuring the look and feel of the site works with the words. At NJ SEO we cover all the bases, including: intuitive navigation so visitors find what they want fast and integrated mobile responsive theme functionality (you know, so that it still looks good on all those pesky techie things like smartphones that are smarter than you and notepads & tablets that get smaller by the day!).

    Up to Date
    Our education and expertise keeps pace with the demands of the ever-changing internet. We keep up to date learning the latest trends, changes, and security fixes. This means that you’ll always get up-to-date know-how and state-of-the-art services when we create your next website that works.