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    NJ SEO

    NJ SEO provides RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN services to over 300 clients in New Jersey and throughout the US.
    From small, family-owned businesses to large corporations, NJ SEO has the knowledge and expertise to support and meet the needs of your unique business. Let NJ SEO develop an attractive and effective website presence for your organization, create a custom INTERNET MARKETING PLAN, and help you develop a strategy for the success of your web presence. Or be your own WEBSITE BUILDER with our CMS platforms.

    Our services give our clients exciting, sophisticated websites that turn heads and improve their client base. We believe that strategy-based web design and search engine marketing are major factors in designing a successful website. NJ SEO takes the time to analyze your design requirements and help you decide whether to update current information or build a new site. Then we develop effective design, layout, and graphics solutions. We can provide effective writing for the web from scratch, or upgrade your current site content.

    NJ SEO has a full staff of experts ready to create an attractive and effective website presence for your organization. Whether you live in New Jersey and would like to stop by one of our many convenient locations, or would like to call in from around the nation, we have cutting edge web design, and are very passionate about our work. Plus, when you look good, we look good – and we like that!

    In the late 1990s websites were hard coded and lacked the “WYSIWYG” transparency. Those without HTML writing abilities weren’t able to edit their own websites. The move from coders back to design-led websites has been enabled by the development of web Content Management Systems. These tools let website owners quickly make changes via a user friendly web-based interface. NJ SEO supports, develops and maintains many sites built on WORDPRESS, Joomla, OPENCART and other popular CMS platforms.

    Application programming interface (API) integration allows tasks and functions to take place by helping different software components interact. NJ SEO has the tools and abilities to help your interface mesh and thrive with your current programs.