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    Let's be honest: Why do you need a web site? Ok... rhetorical question. If your answer is NOT something like: "to attract more clients" you can skip this article. A NJ SEO website is more than just a collection of pages on the web about your business. It is a platform to earn and attract new clients. Right now, you are actually reading a blog entry! That's because blogs are one of the best ways to develop search engine visibility. Here're are some of the key areas that make NJ SEO website different.

    Our platform choice is DNN. That surprises many of our prospects. WordPress is to DNN what Windows is to MAC. Just because there are more Windows systems in the world doesn't make it a better platform. The same goes for WordPress. We have very specific reasons for using DNN.
    • ALL NJ SEO Websites are mobile friendly designs. This is an SEO requirement in our opinion.
    • Our platform is inherently more secure
    • Our vendors are vetted before we use any of their applications
    • Or sites are not targeted by WordPress hacking robots (we convert about 10 hacked websites a year).
    • Our sites are easier to edit (according to most of our clients that have switched)
    • Our platform allows multiple blog streams - you're actually reading one of those blog streams. (Check out my blog, that's a completely different blog stream). This is very difficult to do in WordPress. We call the process HYPERblogging. We do it specifically because it ranks better in Google.We've redesigned the blogging software to look more like embedded content. Adding content is basic form entry with complete editing capabilities.

    The NJ SEO website platform can include a number of options you won't find in a typical website.
    • HYPERblogging capability (multiple blog streams within the same website used at will). Hyperblogging is exclusive to NJ SEO
    • Advance blogging software applications (when needed)
    • Gallery software and integrated imaging options
    • WYSIWYG content editors (allowing text, graphics and video placement without any programming skills)
    • Custom Forms software (setup forms anywhere on the site. Forms can include payment options and advanced features at additional cost)
    • Mass Email Software that allows you to stay in touch with your client base
    • RSS publishing features allowing you to automatically post on social media and create automated newsletters, announcements and other such campaigns
    • Visitor Forums
    • Helpdesk for integrated customer service
    • Knowledgebase for capturing useful and reusable information
    • Dynamic menus (Menu are built and maintained automatically when you add, edit and delete pages
    This is just a few but some of the more common features. DNN has extensive worldwide support and there are millions of websites on the web utilizing the technology. DNN was sprouted from the Microsoft Sharepoint application and utilizes a lot of the same technology. DNN runs on a Microsoft Server.