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    NJ SEO
    The Best in Website Design
    If you are looking for the best in clean custom website design, look no further. Our sites look professional, load quickly, are easy to navigate and are search engine friendly. We believe there is a formula that delivers leads to businesses:
    Professional Looking Graphics
    If your site design doesn’t look professional, it will say the same thing about your business. The first impression is the most important.
    Easy Navigation
    The reason your users are on the Internet in the first place is to get quick and easy information at the click of a button. If your site design is difficult to maneuver, chances are your user will go somewhere else to find the information they are looking for.
    Clear and Concise Text
    If people don’t understand your message on the very first page, they will leave your site without giving you another chance to capture their business.
    Optimizing Your Site for the Search Engines During the Build Process
    Is your site search engine friendly? Your site not only needs to communicate your message to your human visitors, but the design must also tell the search engine spiders or robots what you are all about so they can place you at the top of your relative keyword phrase. Its just like a librarian placing books in a library–if you aren’t found in the right place, you don’t exist to the readers you are trying to attract. This is done by our designers during and after the design process. We actually place buttons and text where they need to go in order for search engines to get the best information about your site and place you at the top of the engines if you have signed up for our Search Engine Submission Program.
    Web Design Process
    Our web design process ensures you are getting the best possible design! We have developed an in-depth web design questionnaire to help gather your inspiration, so our design team can help create your vision. We offer unlimited revisions of the mock up design to ensure you are ecstatic about your new website!
    Web Design Strategy
    All of your website design starts with an in-depth analysis of your goals, and marketing plan. We want to make sure your website is built in a way to help you succeed. One of the first questions we ask is about the keywords you would like to get ranked for. This will ensure we are creating your site in a way that the search engines will know what your site is about.