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    Website Design
    Good design is so much more than appearance. Your website should offer the right information, with content that resonates with people, and features that add value. The whole experience has to work seamlessly. It all starts with understanding your audience, and finding ways to connect with their needs and interests. Our approach blends strategy and multi-dimensional design to maximize website effectiveness.
    • Information Architecture
    • User Experience Design
    • Mobile-Friendly Design
    • Usability Testing
    • Third Party Integration
    • Google Map Integration
    • API Development
    • Multi-Language Support
    • Section 508 Compliance

    Of course you want a website that looks great. But good design touches every aspect of a project, not just how it looks. You want your site to be a true pleasure – a breath of fresh air for your users. To this end, we collaborate closely with you, developing a clear picture of the many kinds of people that the website will serve. We love clarity, usefulness, and durability.

    Information Architecture
    Well organized information is critical to website usability. Choosing what to include or leave out is equally important. Even deciding what to call things will have an impact on the effectiveness of the website. We help you with all of that. An important milestone in our planning process is when you look at the final architecture diagrams and say “Yes, that’s it!”

    User Experience Design
    Give your users a friction-free experience and they’ll love you for it. Of course every user, every project, and every business goal introduces challenges. A thoughtful approach and attention to detail are baked into our process. User experience design is the secret sauce for success.

    Responsive Design
    A website built with “responsive design” principles is mobile-friendly, working equally well on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Your website should look good and perform great on any screen size. A responsive website can also be a better solution than a mobile app, since users don’t have to download or update anything, and it’s less expensive to build and maintain.

    Usability Testing
    Where are the friction points? Where do people get confused, or fail to find what they’re looking for? We offer usability testing on different levels. At the most comprehensive level, we solicit volunteers to attempt specific tasks, and we record their entire website session. We’re then able to validate that the website works well, or we’re able to identify where refinements would improve the user experience. It’s fascinating to watch real people try to use a website, and a reminder how different people think differently.

    API Integration (3rd Party)
    Websites are more powerful when they can talk to other web services. Automating a data exchange can create major efficiency improvements. For ecommerce, of course, integrating with payment processing gateways is essential. We have extensive experience integrating with different systems. A few examples include:
    • Processing payments via Stripe, Chargify, and others.
    • Passing leads to a CRM system like SalesForce, SalesLogix, etc.
    • Getting product data or documents from in-house systems.
    • Getting member information from a member management database.

    Multi-Language Support
    When we say “world wide web”, we mean it. If you want to take advantage of the international reach of the internet by offering your site in a variety of languages, we have the skill to make it happen.

    Section 508 Compliance
    We are your accessibility partners. We design with all users in mind, including people with disabilities. The reality is that ADA lawsuits are becoming more common, and we know the best practices to help keep this threat at bay. We keep up with leading industry trends and standards in accessibility, meaning your site will be usable by the broadest possible range of users.