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    Web Design in Cliffside Park Company Overview
    It is our Mission to create highly personalized, goal-oriented websites that PAY.
    Web Design in Cliffside Park provides professional, high-quality web design and development services. Our Mission is 'Making your Website Pay". This goal is accomplished by creating individual/business-optimized websites designed specifically to draw high levels of targeted traffic according to our clients objectives, and build powerful conversion tools into the sites so the traffic results in increased sales and revenue. We uniquely feature a rich variety of creative, original website video and audio customized to our clients objectives. NJ SEO has over 20 years of Proven Business Success, and is dedicated to helping individuals, entrepreneurs and small business owners prosper. We are committed to High Quality and Service Beyond Expectations.

    Why "Web Design" ?
    It is interesting to contemplate that the concept of 'Web Design' is less than 20 years old. Not so long ago having a website, as a business or as an individual was a rarity; now it is a necessity. There is hardly a business that won't benefit from having an internet presence; both through Social Media, and having an EXCELLENT website. With 150,000 new domains registered every day, owning a targeted, attractive website that integrates with the abundant Social Media opportunities is an exceptional way to leverage your business, and Web Design in Cliffside Park, LLC is your one-stop-shop for quality, income producing websites.

    What sets us Apart? THREE qualities you will not find elsewhere:

    ONE: 20 Plus Years of Proven Successful Business Experience - its not just a website; its your busines - we can help you thrive in many ways.

    TWO: Our Creative, Original Multi-media Services to integrate with your website(s) will set you apart from the crowd and attract and retain business

    THREE: Never-Ending Passion to deliver Cutting Edge Technology, Relentless Learning to make sure you stay ahead of a rapidly changing world

    Web Design in Cliffside Park utilizes Money Making Website Design Key Principles
    There are keys to effective, money-making Sites. Below is a list of just some of the proven keys to web design success we use at Web Design in Cliffside Park:

    Understand the viewing habits of likely visitors to the website and incorporate that knowledge into your Web Design project. There are known viewing tendencies of computer users, and this information is well-documented study through 100s of millions of 'page views'. The image to your left is a Google "Heat Map" showing the most prominent viewing areas.

    Placement of key content is therefore, critical to the success of your website.

    Fonts, Colors and multi-media have a demonstrable effect on the viewer. For example, black is a very challenging background to use. It limits text color uses, and most people find white on black or yellow on black rather garrish and hard on the eyes. You can probably think of many examples of websites you wish someone had given thought to aesthetics. 😳 Color, fonts and overall styling must be carefully designed to communicate effectively with your view.

    The content of your successful website must be crafted to provide valuable information, and must be easy to read while at the same time attracting the attention (and affection!) of web search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. We will ensure your site will be custom-designed to accomplish YOUR objectives, and most often this will involve employing important techniques (commonly known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization) to attract, and retain critical traffic. Your webmaster must be constantly vigilant for search engine ever-changing parameters (it is estimated that Google changes its ranking parameters 100s if not 1000s of times per year) for your site to attain and keep its page rankings and value.

    So you can see that not only must you provide quality content in a manner that is pleasing (and motivational!) to human viewers, your website must also tickle the fancy of search engines, and pulling these two off together requires a fair (and rare) amount of skill and your website(s) from Web Design in Cliffside Park will to just that.