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    NJ SEO

    Build your business.
    We will handle your website.

    Webite Design & Build-outs
    In case you haven't noticed, we love site design and development. Call the NJ SEO to get a premium website that's secure, efficient, and makes you money.

    Site Management
    Ahh the joys of janitorial work... no, we're not talking about plumbing. Websites require maintenance and care just like anything else. We can ensure that your site stays alive and thriving.

    Why NJ SEO?
    Fully Custom-Built Websites
    Every website we build is customized with company logos, colors, and personality that matches your brand. We make sure your website is a direct reflection of your brand. You customers love you, we make sure they love your website.

    Websites with Security
    We build our websites with security from the ground up. We automatically update websites with the latest security patches and updates. In addition, every website we build includes an SSL certificate so your site shows as secure in Chrome, FireFox, and other browsers.

    Websites That Are Fast
    Speed is important. That’s why we host websites on SSD (Solid State Drive) servers, so your website is guaranteed to load fast and reliably. We also employ multiple compression tools to reduce image size and increase speed.

    Mobile Friendly
    As more searches are made on mobile devices, it’s important to have a website that loads and looks great on a smaller screen. That’s why we test our websites on mobile devices using the latest analysis tools from industry leaders.

    About us
    Based in New Jersey, working across the country. NJ SEO was founded by two SEO experts in New Jersey with a passion for small businesses and the American dream.

    Our mission
    NJ SEO was established to redefine online presence management. Our mission is to take what businesses are doing in the real world and amplify their brand. We bring them online so they can continue to build their dreams.