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    We are a team of leading digital experts helping brands succeed online through award-winning web design, development and marketing. Based in New Jersey, we design websites that boost traffic and conversions, while providing SEO, social media marketing and content marketing that engages your audience.

    Best Responsive Website Design Company in the New Jersey
    A truly innovative website boldly and positively represents your organization and makes your team proud to be part of the brand. It shares your story, draws in new visitors and keeps them engaged. Your site captures the user’s attention via creative website design, valuable content and an intuitive user experience (UX), while being fully optimized for every web browser and mobile platform. It brings conversions, results and a true ROI. NJ SEOhas a history of being an award-winning responsive web design and development company that creates custom designs that boost visits, UX and conversions.

    Creating a Website Built to Perform for You and Your Visitors
    NJ SEO websites are built to be easy to find, simple to navigate and effortless to update. Our New Jersey web designers understand your site isn’t a billboard; it’s a road your company and customers are traveling on, and we make sure it’s a four-lane highway to online success.

    For each website NJ SEO launches, our goal is to increase traffic, boost brand awareness and generate more conversions. We utilize proven user experience best practices and offer UX consulting to ensure your new website design meets your online goals and follows the latest UX design trends.

    The team members who build our websites aren’t just website designers, programmers or developers; they are web experts. These New Jersey web experts conduct monthly meetings which discuss researched industry topics and how to utilize new breakthroughs with NJ SEO standards. Our New Jersey web development, design and digital marketing teams work together daily to inspire and challenge each other, making them the best in the business. They understand the latest responsive web design trends and how visitors will interact with your site. They’re also aware that not everyone on your team is a web expert, so when we’re creating a website for you, it will be easy to manage and update on your end, and seamless to use as a visitor.

    Responsive Web Designs Start With Strategy
    Our responsive web design company begins every web design with UX research and strategic planning. Our New Jersey web designers get to know your organization’s goals and priorities for your site, then carefully examine your brand, industry and competitors. This detailed planning results in a unique look that incorporates the latest UX design trends and perfectly represents your brand and captures the attention of your target audience.

    Truly Custom, Responsive Web Design
    You will not find any pre-designed templates here. When creating a website, the NJ SEOdesign team starts from scratch on every website. Your brand is unique and deserves a one-of-a-kind website design that represents your organization. A professional, engaging layout will reflect your brand and instill trust in your visitors. First impressions matter; it only takes a split second for a visitor to click away from your site and move on to your competitor. Without an attention-grabbing design, your site's ROI is limited.

    Our web developers and designers are experts who understand UX and SEO best practices. Responsive web designs are mobile-friendly, meaning they conform to the size of the screen they are viewed on. This adaptability gives your website visitors an optimal experience, whether they are on mobile, tablet or desktop. If you're looking for a responsive web design or accelerated mobile pages (AMP), our responsive website development company has the solutions you need.

    SEO-Friendly Website Designs
    Our dedicated team of web designers work hand-in-hand with the digital marketing team to ensure all designs are created with search engine optimization (SEO) best practices in mind. We develop our websites and content management system (CMS) to be incredibly search engine friendly. Additionally, our New Jersey web development team makes sure your responsive web designs are cross-browser and cross-platform compatible (Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.). Our goals are the same with any new site launch: we want to see our clients’ websites not only increase in rankings and traffic but in conversions, as well, since that’s what will translate to ROI for your team. When you succeed, we succeed.

    The NJ SEO Process for Creating a New Website
    Web Design Kick-Off Meeting
    Before our web designers start to design your new website, we sit down with your team and review your goals, target audience, competitors, products and services. We also discuss website features your team likes or feels are needed in the site, such as database storage of contact form submissions, payment processing, custom forms, newsletter systems, calculators, or pretty much any other custom development your team or your clients would benefit from. Our New Jersey web design team looks forward to checking off your online wishlist.

    Custom Website Design
    After this kick-off meeting, our responsive website designers and UX agency members complete market and competitive research to determine the visuals and UX design trends that will perform best for your industry. From there, we create a fresh homepage design, created specifically with your audience and brand in mind.

    Web Design Review and Approval
    After receiving your feedback, we work together to make any changes until you are completely satisfied with your new homepage design. After your homepage design is approved, our designers move into interior pages and custom app designs. We follow a similar process working with your team on any updates and tweaks to ensure these pages end up capturing your vision and captivating your audience.

    Front End Web Development
    With a perfected design in hand, we enlist our front end web development team with the task of turning your vision into a living, breathing experience for your team and clientele. During this phase of development, our responsive website development company writes HTML, CSS & JavaScript code based on the approved designs. They will take each element of the design files and turn them into clickable, scrollable, swipeable action items that will provide for both functionality and form. Things like navigation, mobile menus, mouse-over animations, scroll effects and the other finishing touches that make your site stand out find their origins in the front end development phase.

    Back End Development
    During back end development, the elements just created by the front end team find life as they are connected to the back end systems that drive them using .NET, JavaScript, C#, PHP and SQL. This is the part where our responsive web development company syncs the forms on your site to a database, payment gateways that process transactions are hooked up, and any custom functionality, such as human resources systems or a poll feature are created. Though these elements aren’t what you visually see on the page, those visible tools and features are powered by the work of our expert team of back end web developers.

    Implementation & Testing
    Before launching a new site, our New Jersey web development team performs rigorous testing on numerous devices and platforms. On launch day, we work through four different launch checklists for the Digital Marketing, Account Executives, Front End and Back End teams, containing both pre- and post-launch elements. All this is done to ensure that your site launch is a seamless and well-received change for its visitors, both on your team and amongst your clients.

    Expert Web Development Services Across New Jersey
    With NJ SEO's web development services, your site will be customized to your exact needs. Business owners from industries across the board, including athletics, transportation, medical and many more have trusted our responsive website design and development company to meet their individual website needs and yield significant results for their brand and benefits to their consumers. We’ve provided everything from newsletter tools, to shopping cart store fronts, to HR management systems, and everything in between. We even offer a custom SaaS Intranet solution for your internal communication needs. Whether you're located nearby in New Jersey, or across the country - our web developers and designers in New Jersey have the best website design solutions you need.