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    Websites and Apps - Cutting Edge Designs
    More than one billion websites and Apps are on the Internet. So, to get noticed, your website or App must stand out from the others visually and rank well with search engines.
    Therefore, the first thing you need to draw your audience in is a compelling design that is elegant, cutting edge in design, and built on the latest platforms.Secondly, the beautiful design must function well. It must be easy to navigate with super clean coding or your site or app will not rank properly on search engines and the functionality will suffer as well.NJ SEO creates award winning websites and Apps that are visually stunning, have great functionality, and drive massive amounts of traffic to increase your bottom line.

    Today there are over a billion websites on the Internet. Your website must stand out from the rest in order to get noticed.
    Four key things make up the core of an outstanding website:

    A compelling design built on the latest platforms is necessary in order to be noticed and to draw in your targeted market.
    Coding is also important, and must be super clean or the site will not rank properly with search engines and the functionality of the website will most likely suffer.
    Site usability is another area of concern. The website must be easy to navigate, yet remain elegant and cutting edge in design.
    Ranking, although listed last here, is probably the most important. The website must rank high in search engine results in order to drive customers to your business and increase your company's bottom line.

    NJ SEO excels at creating visually stunning, award-winning websites with clean code and great usability that also draw massive amounts of traffic to them.
    We are different from other website companies that also do SEO (Search Engine Optimization), because our bread and butter is SEO. We are a SEO company with real software programmers that can build websites from the ground up without having to use programs to do so. These programs just interfere with SEO and severely limit the design, beauty and function of websites.