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    WEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT | Create Elegant, Flexible Design for Every Medium.
    It’s no secret that smartphone and tablet use has grown exponentially worldwide; users expect a seamless and natural web experience on every device, regardless of size. Design agencies need to stay on top of ever-evolving browsing trends, in order to remain relevant to their clients.

    From website design to logos and branding, NJ SEO’s web design team knows exactly what it takes to give you the leading edge in today’s fast-paced business environment. We’ll work with you to sculpt all aspects of your company’s identity, enabling you to engage successfully with the world at large.

    Responsive vs AMP
    Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Responsive Web Design (RWD) both use the same basic building blocks for creating a mobile page: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The AMP Project, started by Google, has been working hard to develop a highly optimized method for delivering content to mobile devices. These “Accelerated Mobile Pages” utilize a number of optimization techniques for lightning-fast load times. AMP is a highly specialized way of making super-fast mobile web pages that provide superior search engine results.

    Using flexible grids and images, websites built with responsive design adjust their content and layout to suit the device on which they’re being viewed, for a more fluid, “device-agnostic” experience. With a responsive website, you never have to worry about losing a potential client because of a lack of site usability or browser-friendliness. And with one unified codebase, managing and updating your website content is easy and cost-effective.

    Websites serve the same content to all devices, eliminating the need to maintain a separate mobile version. When you update once, you update everywhere.

    With a single, central codebase, updates only need to be implemented once to be reflected across all devices, saving time and money.

    Page links are consistent across all devices. This improves search engine optimization and increases the visibility of your website in search results.

    Responsively designed websites adapt to any screen size. This means your website will be display to its full potential on all devices, even those which don’t exist yet.

    Designed for your audience
    At NJ SEO, we are experts in Inbound Marketing. So we make effective use of Inbound Strategies such as Buyer Personas in the development of websites. We realize that we need know whom you’re marketing to. We need to have a clear understanding of the wants and needs of your target customers, your current and potential ones, so that we can present your message in a way that meets those wants and needs – and at a time when customers are receptive to it.

    Creating a Buyer Persona strategy is an essential website design task that will help your business zone in on the perfect audience for a message and give clues as to what point in the sales cycle they might be reaching your site.

    Engineered to drive results
    Here at NJ SEO, everything that we create is specially engineered to convert prospects into satisfied customers. It’s a unique technological and data driven approach that we refer to as Wise Content. And when you use Wise Content, you speak the language of your prospects and customers.

    WEB DEVELOPMENT | Trust Our Experience for All of Your Web Development Needs.
    NJ SEO’s web development professionals specialize in cutting-edge applications that are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our firm draws upon decades of technical and methodological expertise, translating requirements into functionality and delivering products that exceed expectations.

    Content Management Systems offer unparalleled flexibility for businesses interested in having greater control over their web presences. Our developers have worked with all of the leading platforms – and we can customize your CMS to meet your specific criteria.

    Your website is your company’s most powerful selling tool. Whether your target audience is in thousands of miles away you need a web presence that attracts users and accelerates conversations.

    There’s nothing cookie-cutter about your business; one size does not necessarily fit all. Your website should be as individual as you are. Our team will work with you to develop personalized applications that speak to your vision and mission and accomplish your objectives.

    The increasing popularity of mobile apps has made it more challenging than ever for competing companies to stand out among the crowd. From start to finish, our development team will craft a mobile app for your business that is robust, useful, compelling – and memorable.

    Keeping your software regularly updated is essential if you wish to compete with rival companies in your field. It is important that your program functions correctly and doesn’t look dated. Well maintained programs have developers dedicated to keeping them functional and user friendly so they will never require an expensive, time consuming rebuild.

    Maybe you have some software that needs porting to the latest technology, or you need to add new features to existing software. Perhaps you are dealing with software that never worked as expected, or have programs that were never properly completed. It can be difficult to see a way through these projects without losing a lot more time and money.

    NJ SEO has a great deal of experience dealing with all kinds of projects at various stages of completion. Our experienced developers can help you with your specific problems and requirements. We tailor solutions to meet your needs and can even help in scenarios where you have little or no source code or documentation.

    Support is absolutely fundamental when you are using software day in, day out. Whether your program is at the core of your business, or just used to manage administration and basic chores, it is very important that you have someone to call when something goes wrong and you are unable to fix it yourself. You need visibility and predictability when it comes to maintenance, support and the upgrade of your software. Support should be provided by someone patient and knowledgeable in their field. Good support from a team of experienced, understanding people will permit you to quickly get on with the day to day running of your business.

    We provide various level of affordable support options to choose from so we can assist in monitoring, maintaining, supporting and improving your software solution. We offer global support and personalized service with flexible delivery over email and the phone so you are never without support options for your software issues.