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    The Digital Online Highway
    Your website is the online face of your company. It MUST present your corporate image in a positive and professional light. Many organizations spend a lot of money on the interior of their offices to look professional and reliable. However, they do not spend the necessary time or money and accept their businesses being represented by quick, inexpensively designed do-it-yourself websites. Why spend a lot of money on the inside of your business, if the people are not coming through your door? The digital highway has untold potential to deliver hundreds even thousands of visitors, which is much more than any prime real estate office.

    Purpose of a Website:
    Your website is an extension of your business and is more times than not the first interaction you will have with potential clients. The very existence of your website is predicated on the virtual interaction with potential and existing clients. In this new world we live in, people will visit your website first to find out more about you as opposed to calling or walking in your establishment. What does that mean? Your website is your business card and first impression. Remember, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Your website must convey what your business does, your value proposition, and how you do it. Visually it will tell subtly tell your client your values, mission, ethics, level of customer service, and attitude towards business. As a picture says a 1000 words, a website speaks millions.

    When you think about how many people can view your website, it can be overwhelming. The very last thing you want these people to see is a website screams 80s or 90s. What does a dinosaur website tell your potential client? It leaves a strong impression that your old fashioned, disorganized, or just plain lazy. 60% of people will decide whether or not to do business with you in the first 10 seconds of visiting your site by whether they like it or not. A poorly designed website suggests your services will have the same results. A clean, crisp, well organized website will demonstrate professionalism and trustworthiness.

    Designing your Website:
    There are many cookie cutter website designs available. For your business to stand out and gain an advantage, you must think custom and unique. A custom website designed by a professional website designer is vital for your visual representation of your business. A custom design can capture the very essence of your business and the personality within its walls. The ability to take the energy and the uniqueness that defines your business and build a website that displays it all to the world takes talent and expertise many companies do not have. Internet Marketing Images has been blessed with that ability and we would love to help you bring your business alive online. You have a idea in your head what you would like the site to look like. We can take that idea and make it real.