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    NJ SEO offers expert website design and development services that enhance your brand image and support your digital marketing efforts. Our exclusive responsive website design strategies ensure your website looks powerful and unique enriched with compelling and rich media content. We develop user-friendly and SEO-friendly websites, designed and developed to boost brand value and customer experience.

    Considering the digital revolution started by the internet, and the growth of mobile users over the past decade has contributed to a paradigm shift in the internet usage statistics across the globe. Experts report that the growth of mobile internet usage has out-paced that of the general internet usage, resulting in the rising need for mobile-minded website designs.

    To address the needs of smartphone users who comprise a majority percentage of internet users across all device sources, websites that are compatible to mobile phone displays have become the need of the hour. Responsive web design has emerged from this need and has been in practice over the past few years.

    Responsive web design is the practice of developing a website that is accessible on all kinds of devices (desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone) irrespective of the screen size. This method has derived from the need to create an adaptable website that can be accessible over several platforms, with a similar level of user experience. A website developed using responsive web design uses different CSS styles based on the device used to access the site, most important of which is the display width of the browser.

    Responsive web design has become a widely-used practice given the increasing need to address the accessibility needs of mobile customer-base, that comprise more than half of the total internet traffic. This trend has gained importance since it makes up for most of the current interests put together, to boost the ratings of mobile-friendly websites, if they are accessed from a mobile device.