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    Our Website Design Process
    A 7-Step Process For Creating Websites
    Just because we create custom websites doesn’t mean we’re not process-driven and highly efficient. Here’s how it works:

    (1) Set Up
    We will set you up with a Basecamp project to facilitate all project activities and track each project phase, discussion, approvals, and files. We’ll ensure we’re all in a position to work efficiently and effectively.
    (2) Discovery
    Discovery image Before we start the design process, we want to know about your products, services, and target audience. We will get a solid understanding of your goals and dreams by meeting with you, brainstorming ideas, and sketching out some of those ideas so we know where to begin. We want to make sure our clients have a design that doesn’t just look pretty, but actually pulls in interest and inspires further action from customers.
    (3) Plan
    This is where we set the stage for the entire project and highlight the fundamental elements of your web interface. We will put together a site map that will list all the main topics of your site (as well as sub-topics) and create wireframes to provide a basic visual guide for the layout of your landing pages. Planning out the actual design is crucial to ensuring a profitable setup and a pleasing user experience.
    (4) Design
    Design image It’s now time to determine the look and feel of your site by layering in colors, textures, pictures, and use of typography that is most suited to your target audience. We will give you revision rounds to exchange ideas with our designers and arrive at the final design of your website. Once the design is agreed upon, it’s time to build the website!
    (5) Develop
    With the design finalized, our developers will utilize the design prototypes and develop the actual, functional site on our test serves. Elements such as CMS (like WordPress), mobile friendliness (responsive), or e-Commerce shopping carts are made functional as well. The usability and functionality is tested along the way, and again once the development is complete.
    (6) User Testing
    User Testing image While we do light user testing throughout the design and develop process, we will do a complete user testing to make sure on all functionality features such as email web forms, cross-browser compatibility, mobile device responsiveness, page load speeds, plugin installations, redirects, accessibility, best HTML and CSS standards, and more.
    (7) Launch
    Once we get your final approval, we will tackle your FTP, hosting service, and domain name registration to have your site uploaded to your own URL address.