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    Responsive Web Design
    Upgrade your website and turn visitors into customers.

    NJ SEO Design Process
    We’ll talk about your company, your competition, and the vision for your website so that we can create something unique to help set your business apart.
    We’ll build a wireframe and determine a content strategy to match your vision. We’ll gather your logos, images, and banners and provide in-depth competitor and SEO research.
    The building phase. We’ll build your site and provide regular updates to ensure the site is delivered timely and to your satisfaction.
    After your site is approved, tested, and configured with analytics, we’ll push your site out to the world - but not before we ensure that you’re totally happy with the result.
    Responsive Design
    Do you want your site to look good on smart phones and tablets? We do too. A website built with responsive design ensures that your visitors get a quality experience as they navigate through your webpages.
    User Experience
    Nobody likes visiting a website that is difficult to navigate or understand. We apply our expertise, web analytics data, and usability studies into designs so that your visitors can easily find what they are looking for and get their questions answered.
    Maintenance & Updates
    If you ever need maintenance performed on your site, want to add a new webpage, or need to make other changes, NJ SEO can help. We offer monthly packages and provide hourly blocks for web design work. We want your site to be secure, backed up, and always online.
    Conversion Rate Optimization
    Conversion rates can greatly impact the success or failure of a business that advertises online. Clear calls-to-action, easy to use contact forms, and compelling design are all part of the mix when it comes to developing a website that converts your website visitors into leads and customers.

    Google Analytics
    We install Google Analytics on your website so that you have access to key performance indicators for your website like visitors, conversions, traffic sources, and demographic info. What gets measured can be improved.
    E-Commerce Functionality
    If you need a site with e-commerce functionality, we can help you build a store that is easy to use and secure. We’ll set up payment gateways and work with you to arrange your products or services in a way that fits your brand and entices your customers.