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    NJ SEO
    Web Design & Development
    Professionals in web design and development, and it shows.

    NJ SEO is a collaborative, results-driven NEW JERSEY web design and development agency with the knowledge, qualifications and skills to understand complex virtual needs and provide expert solutions. Specializing in WordPress development and design, NJ SEO. builds websites builds websites with a robust content management system (CMS) to easily maintain site content. Our expertise includes custom themes and plugins, web-based applications, ecommerce with a specialty in extending WooCommerce, WordPress Multisite, third-party integrations such as MailChimp, Square, Salesforce and more.

    We create websites to tell your unique messages, building the online tools you need for success and designing an online experience to match your brand. Our 20+ years of experience includes web technology consultation, eCommerce, web/database and API integration, organic search engine optimization (SEO), custom-built web-based applications.

    We provide innovative solutions that directly match the needs of each individual client, with this powerful open source software.
    NJ SEO works directly with your team to a give an individualized experience. We know no two businesses or organizations are alike.

    Working with Us
    During every step of the development process, we take great care to ensure projects run smoothly and efficiently.

    Kickoff and Discovery
    We start every project with a kickoff meeting where we develop a design concept and site architecture via a fun discovery process.

    Infrastructure and Design
    We build your site’s hosting and development environment, and concurrently, create the site design and revise until you are happy.

    Theme and Content
    After the design is approved, we build the site’s custom theme and site architecture. The site is then ready for content integration.

    Functionality Build
    Custom functionality for the project is expertly built to specification with constant client communication.

    Quality Check and Launch
    Testing and quality assurance measures are performed and site launch is carefully planned and managed to avoid any downtime.

    Training and Support
    Site managers are given thorough training on how to maintain their new website. Maintenance and monitoring is ongoing.