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    No project is too large or too small. If you succeed, we succeed. Our job is only done well if we do your job well. Each client has the potential to be a lifelong friend. Dream Big and with time and many talented resources in our network, we will make your dream come true. What are you waiting for?

    Website Design/Development
    Having a professional website is extremely important to the success of a business or non-profit. Websites are typically studied before a business or organization is even called. A website is a vital part of how a company or non-profit communicates with their audience - not just as a first impression but as a continual way of doing business.
    Every business and organization is different. We encourage office visits to discuss goals and expectations.

    What makes a website successful?
    There are several factors that are considered when judging a website to be professional or not. Here are a few guidelines we recommend:
    • High Quality Photography either from a professional photographer or stock photography
    • Current Branding and Logo Design
    • Responsive design - one that responds to the size device being used to view the site
    • Copy that is easy to read and page navigation that allows the viewer to gain in depth knowledge easily

    Entry Level Website. Starting at $.
    An entry level website includes the following:
    • Design Template choice from our library of templates or any Drupal responsive template
    • Full Development of up to 10 pages using your copy and choice of photography
    • Home page slide show with three to five images that we will size properly
    • Website blog which can be used for a variety of content purposes
    • Easy to navigate FAQ page
    • Interactive Google Map on Location/Contact page
    • Custom Form for Requesting a Quote or other purpose
    • Responsive Design of all pages
    • Content Management System Installation
    • Training that puts you in control of adding additional pages and keeping content up to date

    Responsive Websites
    What is a Responsive Website?
    Responsive Websites organize content to fit on the device the website is being viewed on.
    One website for every screen. Usable on all devices.
    Is your website Mobile Friendly?
    • 80% of Internet users own a smartphone
    • In 2014 eCommerce on mobile devices saw a 25% increase in dollars spent
    • Find out if your website is Mobile-Friendly
    • Starting April 21st, 2015 Google will rank sites that are not Mobile-Friendly lower in mobile search results

    Higher End Website. Starting at $.
    A higher end website website includes all of the items listed in entry level websites plus one or more of the following elements:
    • Custom Design of particular elements of a site or of every page of the site
    • Shopping Cart for the sale of products online
    • Web based application like member portal
    • Logo creation or full Branding Package
    • Copy writing with or without SEO backlinks
    • Additional Unique Custom Features