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    NJ SEO takes pride in putting the human touch into the technical side of a client's life.
    Gathering content for a website can be a daunting task on your own. NJ SEO has developed an onboarding system to help you tackle this process from site map creation to connecting you with copy writers if you hit a writer's block. NJ SEO is here to help you each step of the way!

    Most popular service options

    If you need a new website or would you like to convert your existing website to the WordPress platform, WebCami can help!

    If you currently have a WordPress website that's dated, running slow or isn't mobile responsive, a theme change could do the trick!

    So, how exactly do we build your website?

    Learn more about how we make your website dream a reality.

    How we move from your concept to a website you can be proud of

    Working with WebCami
    Whether you need a website built from the ground up or the redesign of an old website, knowing the process from start to finish will help us stay focused. Here is an example of how the NJ SEO process works. Please note that one-page packages have a slightly different flow.

    Onboarding Phase
    This is our opportunity to build a relationship, address concerns, get you up to speed and start the project on the right foot.

    step one
    The Application
    First, you will let us know what you hope to achieve with your website by filling out our online project application. If we feel our skills can help you reach your goals, we will set up a meeting, call or Zoom session so we can learn more.

    step two
    Proposal & Contract
    A few days after we meet, we send you a complete proposal, an estimate for your investment, and a contract. We sign the contract, you send a deposit and I put you on our schedule. You then start collecting all your content and send it to us.

    step three
    Project Kick-off Call
    This is our official start of your project. Over the phone or via Zoom, we will review your proposal details, talk about process and do everything we can to start off on the path to success with your new website.

    step four
    We start by sending emails that educate and follow them with a comprehensive brand and website discovery questionnaire. This is much like the project application but more in depth.

    Design Phase
    This is step-by-step how we will design, develop and launch your new website.

    step one
    Site Map
    Our first order of business is to create a working site map. This is a document that shows the global, hierarchical view of a website’s pages and content. Think of this as a flowchart of the pages of your website.

    step two
    With the site map we complete, we move on to prototyping. In this step, we’re creating what we would call a "black and white" version of the design draft of your website. A prototype is nothing more than a stripped down website framework

    step three
    Once we have approved the prototype that includes your site map, we turn that into the basis for our design. This is when you will be providing us all your website content and we will be creating the "look and feel" of your design.

    step four
    After you have signed off on the design phase, we will take apply that design to all pages of your website. We will add any further plugins or features needed for your site and add any remaining content you have provided.

    step five
    Once you approve your site, we publish it to your hosting and once again test in major browsers and on many devices. We connect Google Analytics and apply any 301 redirects needed.

    step six
    Learning how to use your new WordPress website is an option. Some clients prefer to have NJ SEO do all their design maintenance, some D-I-Y, and others want a combo of the two.

    step seven
    Website Care
    WordPress requires back end maintenance. We will enroll you in our WordPress Care Plan for a free month so you can evaluate the service. We provide daily backups, virus scans, database optimization and reporting.

    step eight
    Ongoing Support
    We will provide 30 days of support after launch to make sure any bugs/small changes have been ironed out and that you are confident using your new website. You'll also receive follow up information, resources, tips, and tools that will make managing your site easier.