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    Flexible, Affordable Solutions
    Someone will give you honest options for your website needs. If the cheap do-it-yourself box is too small and too restrictive, and if the $20,000 site is over budget, you need a handsome site at a handsome price. You need a NJ SEO!

    • Fit
    We believe in providing our clients with customized Internet solutions. We analyze the needs of each business and use the most effective resources to create web technology that fits precisely every need and budget.

    • Quality
    Quality you see and quality you don't. Our responsive sites display on all platforms and all screen sizes. Expect your site to render correctly on desktop, laptops, phones, game consoles, text-readers, and more.

    • Relationship
    We are proud of the client relationships we have built in Arlington, DFW, and Texas. We have served several clients for over 10 years. We guarantee you will be satisfied with any web development project we complete for you.

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    5 Reasons
    Why You Should Hire NJ SEO
    We consult, plan, build, host, and manage websites.

    Basic to our designs philosophy are responsivenss, SEO optimization, semantic code, good user-experience, simple and logical

    Options include static HTML, WordPress, php applications, Boostrap, and more. We can build in a way that meets your unique situation navigation.

    Satisfaction is guaranteed. We never ask for final payment until the client is happy with our work.

    We are not the cheapest. But quality design with responsive HTML5, php/MySQL application development, WordPress theme development, and more than 15 years experience in the industry at the prices we charge is a hard to find.

    We have assisted several community organizations to help in their internet needs. Usually without charge or with a greatly-reduced charge.

    NJ SEO
    The best way to contact us is our contact form, but if you want to call, email, or write a letter with a stamp.