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    Web Design
    We believe there's way more involved than just looking pretty.

    Your website is your first impression for prospects and customers. On top of pleasing people, your site also needs to impress search engines if you want to get found by people searching for your products or services. We go through a lot, not just to make sure your web design looks great, but functions great.

    Web Design Process
    Web Design That Works
    Imagine an artfully crafted website, with a modern look and feel, that tells your story. NJ SEO can give your existing site a makeover or make one from scratch to project your business exactly how you want it. We don’t believe in the "one-size-fits-all" model, and we don’t believe in delivering a final product to you that you aren’t happy with.

    No matter how many pages or what design you’re looking for, our designers have done it all. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to build a library of custom website designs, and they’re just waiting to be used. These allow you to get your site up and running in a very short amount of time if you’re in a hurry.

    P.S. We insist you check out our web design portfolio.

    Mobile Web Design
    When we said our designers have done it all, we meant it, including mobile web design.

    With smartphones everywhere and more people using them to surf the web, you need a mobile site so people can see your content clearly. We should also mention that search engines give you extra credit for having a mobile site!

    Browse over to our mobile websites page for more information. As a matter of fact, we believe in mobile websites so much, that we are building mobile websites for free for our clients.

    Website Development
    A lot of things happen behind the scenes on a website.

    That’s where our crack team of expert programmers makes your website function smoothly and makes it easy for search engines to read your website. They even create custom web tools and applications for your business.

    We’ve got a whole other section just on web development. Check out our web development page.

    Web Consulting
    You may not be sure what the next step is with your website. Should you convert it to WordPress? Are your conversion tags working? Do you know what you don’t know?

    Next Steps for Web Design
    Contact us or give NJ SEO a call to discuss your website situation. Our portfolio and testimonials show what we can do for you. And don’t forget: NJ SEO offers a free initial consultation so you can be sure you’ve found the team that can help you.