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    Need a Website?
    Work with New Jersey's leading web design agency, we can help you achieve your business goals.

    Creating Custom Websites
    We are a full–service web design agency based in New Jersey, with a focus on producing results through design & development.

    • Increase your website traffic
    • Increase your website conversions
    • Decrease your traffic bounce rate

    Finally own the beautiful custom website you always wanted!

    What We Can Do
    As the basis of our business, Web Design & Development is our specialty.
    We design and develop a variety of custom and responsive websites, ranging from complex eCommerce sites to basic informational sites and everything in between. In development, we use HTML5 and CSS3, ensuring that your website is up to date and functions properly across different platforms.

    The Benefits

    Easy to Manage Back-end
    Our websites are developed using WordPress, an industry standard content management system, with a user-friendly back-end.

    Standout From The Crowd
    Your website will be one–of–a–kind and designed in–house so you know you are getting a unique and beautiful website.

    Mobile-Ready Web Design
    Whether your website is being viewed on a smartphone, tablet or computer, responsive design ensures it will always look proper.

    Fast & Effecient Website
    We will develop each page of your website and ensure it loads quickly to meet Google’s parameters for what makes a quality website.

    Analytics Right At Your Fingertips
    Your website will be equipped with Google Analytics and Google Search Console to ensure you have the data required to track your website performance.

    Secured Hosting Environment
    We use a secure and manageable hosting platform, which provides 30 days of backups on file and encrypted SSL certificates.

    Making Websites
    That Stand-Out!

    About Us
    With a proven track record of designing and developing successful websites, NJ SEO is a full–service web design agency based in New Jersey.

    What started out in 2010 as a one–man–show has become a team of designers, developers and digital marketers working to generate results for clients in New Jersey. NJ SEO is a full–service design agency with a focus on Design, Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing.