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    We are a web design & online marketing company. We work with forward-thinking clients, big & small, to create powerful & effective websites as well as online marketing campaigns.
    Our strong design and development expertise ensures your Website delivers a unique and compelling message.

    We can design a user-friendly CMS to help you stay on top of your competition by making updates quick and easy.

    We can help you understand where your visitors’ come from and why, so you can assure your are reaching your very best prospects.

    Our SEO will make you stand out from all the online clutter, creating high visibility for you on Search engines.

    It’s to bring your product or service to the attention of your public — to get and keep customers. But most Websites fail to do this simply because the Website owner is not familiar with the unique needs of Web marketing.
    So just having a Website does not equal having a “Web presence.”

    Immediately engaging the visitor is the single most important thing a Website must do. To be engaging your Website must have a strong emotional element.
    Emotions, feelings, impressions engage the visitor. There’s an old adage that “we only get one chance to make a first impression”. And that has never been truer anywhere than it is on the Web.
    Your Website must make a good first impression. And we know how to do this because we know that a hard-working Website design means more than pretty designs and flashy words and pictures.

    We know from many scientific studies of the Internet that your Website must be emotionally compelling or it simply won’t reach your visitor’s mind to convert him or her into a prospect. And without a prospect you will have no customer.
    Many Websites drop the ball at this crucial point because they simply fail to engage the visitor immediately and emotionally.

    Studies prove that emotion drives decision-making. Emotions are the gatekeepers of the mind. Think about it. You react emotionally to everything you see. So do your visitors. Some people call it instinct; some might say it’s a “feeling” they have. “Hey, this is what I’m looking for.” Or, “whoa! Get me outta here.”

    Whatever you call it, we all react to what we see, hear and read. It drives our decision-making. It’s an instantaneous reaction about whether to do something or not to do something. Your Website must use this to your advantage to be effective.
    Think about it. Understand it. It’s the real salesmanship of your Website.

    Do you know that very few of your visitors come to your Website with the intent of buying your product or using your service. Most come just to see what you’re about. That’s called a hit. Studies show a hit only takes 3 seconds, maybe 5 seconds if it’s a complex idea, to decide to stay and look around or to leave.

    If they stay to look around, it means they have seen or felt something that caused them to want to know more. A good Website is designed to keep them around, to make them want to see more. It can mean a prospect or sale. If your visitor turns into a prospect, he or she might well become a customer. That’s the idea, isn’t it?
    Successful Websites engage a visitor – your prospect – on both an emotional and intellectual level. Then it must motivate them to act or react the way you want them to act or react.
    Website design is the synergy of all the elements – design, content, the way the content is presented. A picture can be worth a thousand words, but in creating sales, the words you use are usually more important than the pictures, because the words you choose will strongly affect the emotional feeling of the viewer.

    We will work with you to understand what makes your visitors and prospects want to know more. Then write, design and build to that purpose.
    We will work hard to give you an Internet presence instead of just a Website.
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