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    New Jersey Web Design
    As New Jersey’s most established website development firm, NJ SEO takes pride in our broad spectrum of New Jersey web design services. Our company was established in 1994 on the core values of dedication to fundamental development techniques, customer relationships and attention to detail. In November of 2011, Global Reach Internet Productions acquired Captain Jack Communications. This has brought with it the enhancement of several web services, especially in the area of website design in New Jersey. We excel in getting our clients high search engine rankings based on our years of experience and testing.
    Services we offer include:
    • Secure website hosting
    • Custom website design
    • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Dynamic website programming
    • Powerful content management systems
    • Shopping cart development
    • Professional social media consulting
    • Effective e-mail marketing
    • WordPress content management and blogging software

    Our commitment to your online success is what has allowed the trusted name of NJ SEO to be set apart and established as an authority for New Jersey WordPress Hosting, Website Programming, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Consulting, and Website Hosting. When you come to CJC, you’ll find an New Jersey web design team that can conceptualize and deliver almost anything you’re looking to achieve online.

    Looking For Natural Search Engine Visibility?
    Search Engine Optimization NJ SEO is one of the only companies who publicly provide listed Search Engine Optimization Results. These results prove you’ll have direct access to an experienced, established, and proven SEO company. Many companies offer website development services, but only NJ SEO offers such a wide spectrum of services and has the “golden ticket” of our unmatched Search Engine Optimization.

    Do you have a new website that needs to establish initial visibility on the major search engines? How about an existing website that needs a fresh push into the online market? Contact us for a Free SEO Ranking Report Today.

    Home Grown Quality
    Home Grown QualityAll of your web needs can be taken care of in one place. From the moment you contact CJC you’ll be working with our New Jersey website design team. It’s comforting to know our staff—no matter how long ago we built your site— will be there for any questions, issues or updates.

    NJ SEOis located in New Jersey and established in 1994. Since we’ve been a leading New Jersey web design firm so long, we know the web development process and New Jersey web hosting up and down. Our clients can trust their online objectives will always be met by working with our team.

    Just as the Internet has been expanding and developing, so has CJC. We have continued to implement new technologies while sticking to the fundamentals that led to our success; strong customer service, dedication to development techniques, and an experienced staff. We are proud to be one of the leading New Jersey web hosting companies and part of the growing IT community in Central New Jersey.
    With NJ SEO our customers get the best of both worlds: the newest technology with a homegrown company.