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    Web Design & Development
    Professional Web Design for Every Company
    Creating and coding your website represents just a small part of the Web development process. The biggest challenge to overcome is creating a clear business concept supported by a creative and effective brand. Customers, after all, will form an opinion of your company within the first few seconds of viewing your website. In that very first exposure, it's key to clearly define yourself as a company.

    Increase Search Engine Traffic
    Search Engine Optimization can provide your company with global exposure through top search results in the major Search Engines. A top 10 ranking on the Google search engine – your business' search appearance on that very first page – can generate a substantial amount of daily traffic to your website at minimal cost.

    Web 2.0 Design
    NJ SEO always uses web standard compliant CSS and XHTML when developing a website. Importantly, we know that that today's businesses need the web to be a highly interactive platform. To that end, we follow employ Web 2.0 protocols. Why? Web 2.0 guidelines are to have the ability to quickly update and modify your website layout, optimize user experience with faster load times and create a search engine friendly layout to increase traffic and customer leads.

    Cross-browser Compatibility
    Various Internet browsers display the same web page differently. That's a viewing disconnect to be avoided! All of our websites are accordingly created using CSS and are tested across all modern browsers for cross-browser compatibility, including even mobile phones.

    Internet Marketing & SEO
    Generating Internet traffic comes from more than just designing a fancy, flashy website. Our Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization services are designed to drive targeted traffic to your website. Find out how we can increase you Internet exposure and increase your page rank in the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Ask, MSN).

    Social Networking Platforms
    Want to create a social networking presence for your company? We offer solutions for custom MySpace page design, blogging, forums, Facebook and twitter management. Leverage the social networking craze to reach potential new customers and increase your website traffic.