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    Website Design and Development
    Let First Impressions Last Forever!
    Looking for a beautiful, new website? You are at the right place! We deliver cutting edge websites that are beautiful to look at and perform equally well. We ensure a solid user experience that delivers substantially higher audience engagement and conversion rates.

    First impressions are very important and we can get that deal sealed for you right away. As your website design company, we work in a consultative manner, serving as your advisors, designers and developers.

    We offer a wide variety of website design services

    Mobile Website Designing
    Better Engagement, More Clicks!
    Hook your users with our innovative mobile design. A few seconds is all you need to get them clicking and liking you! Our mobile design elements will engage more, leading to more clicks. Get ready for surge in mobile traffic like never before!

    Mobile Designs to Seal the Deal
    • Faster load times
    • Cutting edge mobile website designs
    • Carefully planned designs based on user navigation and traffic flows
    • Ensuring cross platform compatibility
    NJ SEO, New Jersey's leading web designing & SEO company, offers exclusive mobile website designing services. The web is going mobile - especially on the iPhone, Blackberry, Tablets, PDA's and other hand-held devices. Large names like Google, Facebook and major FMCG brands have already developed mobile- friendly designs. As faster bandwidths and lower rates spread across the world, no business can afford to have only computer-based websites. Almost 30% of the 2.5 billion mobile users use hand-held devices to browse the net.

    The science of mobile website designing is one that needs careful understanding. It requires specific fonts, narrower layout, optimized images and careful choice of important elements that need to show up first. We at NJ SEO have studied these requirements carefully and hold the capability to do mobile website development of various complexities. With our mobile web design services, users with Blackberries, iPhones, Ipads, PDA's and other devices can browse your website more easily than your competitor's.

    We also design user interfaces for mobile applications.
    So how do you know if mobile website designing is right for you? It's not just right, but essential if:

    • You're a new business
    • You want to stay ahead of your competitor
    • Our competitor already has a slick mobile website design

    Content Management System
    Your Content, Your Management!
    Want to manage your content creation and management process? Come to us and we will design a comprehensive, easy-to-use, content management system (CMS). We use the latest technologies to tailor solutions for your creation, management and publishing needs.

    NJ SEO has built a reputation for high quality website designing & SEO services in New Jersey. We also have expertise in CMS based website designing & development. As information changes rapidly, you need the flexibility to manage your website quickly and effectively. If you have a lot of content on your website which you update on a regular basis, opt for our Content Management System and manage the content on your own. While our CMS is technically strong we'll make sure it's easy to operate at the same time. It's simple, effective and doesn't require any knowledge of HTML.

    Ecommerce Solutions & Services
    NJ SEO – Top Ecommerce Solution Providers in New Jersey
    At NJ SEO, we combine our experience and expertise with Ecommerce design, development platforms, Ecommerce SEO, shopping campaigns, analytics and hosting to deliver a custom Ecommerce solution that is right for your business.

    Choose NJ SEO as your Ecommerce Services Company
    Experience of delivering 100+ Ecommerce websites across industries Expertise with all popular Ecommerce development platforms Avg. increase of 87% in traffic & 39% in sales over 6 months Google Premier Partner with specialization in Shopping Campaigns
    Driving Online Sales with Custom Ecommerce Solutions!

    Ecommerce solutions from NJ SEO encompass every grain in the sand to ensure traffic and sales are always meeting your growth targets. We offer Ecommerce services for designing, developing, hosting, marketing and analytics, across industry verticals around the globe. Our solutions and services can be customized to meet the unique demands of our clients. On the front end, you can depend on us to deliver exceptional and strong designs for your online store, effective shopping cart and secure Payment Getaway integration, all the while creating user journeys that convert traffic into sales. At the backend, we have the expertise to drive relevant traffic with Ecommerce SEO & PPC Campaigns.