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    NJ SEO

    We do more than just build websites
    We bring ideas to life

    Web Design & Development
    NJ SEO is a small company dedicated to creating high quality websites, web tools, games, and art. We are a full-service digital media, content, and marketing company that works with individuals and teams of all budgets.

    If you are in New Jersey or one of the surrounding areas, whether you are a start-up or an established business, consider doing business with a local company like NJ SEO. By hiring us, you’ll get face-to-face meetings, a free and no-obligation analysis of your digital needs, plus access to our local network of creative and technical services.

    We’re dedicated to creating the right product for you

    It's about you
    Your business is unique and we’re dedicated to creating the right product for you. Whether you’re selling a commodity, displaying your craftsmanship, or simply just want to be heard, you need a website and apps that work. We can provide a simple and affordable solution without sacrificing ingenuity.

    Web development & Design
    Your website should say exactly who you are and what you offer.
    From our affordable starter packages to our fully customized builds, Look Shape is dedicated to building simple, elegant, and user friendly websites with flawless functionality. If you need something flashy we can get you there, but at Look Shape we have learned that a simple and clean website is usually the sharpest looking, most timeless, and easiest to use. We want to help you find success by building you the website you need and deserve.

    Making sure the right people see your site and stay engaged.
    The world of Marketing is vast and complex. Let us help you pick the best strategy for items like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Paid Promotions, Analytics, and more. We want to get your site out there and seen by as many people as possible. Not only will we implement these marketing strategies, we will teach you how to keep expanding your reach as your site grows.

    Games & Apps
    If you want custom app and game development, we can take you there.
    Want a new way to engage your employees? Or maybe you have an idea you think will be the next Angry Birds? Ask us about our portfolio of gamification tools. We build everything from in-house productivity games to real time information dashboards, and data upload and sharing systems. If you have an idea for an app, or need a tool built for an existing website give us a shout.

    We can teach you basic maintenance to give you greater control of your site.
    The DIY approach can be as rewarding as it is cost effective. Let us facilitate by training you on how to set up, design, and self-manage your site the right way. We will start with simple SEO best practices and then move on to basic html editing so that you can change your sites copy when needed.

    Let’s get started
    Talk to us today. We’re an easygoing group of people who want to help you get the right solution the first time. We love when our customers tell people they don’t even know about their website — because they’re that proud of it!