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    You know you need to look good to your customers. But doing so includes more than just the physical appearance of your website, you also need to:
    • Look good to search engines
    • Look good on search results
    • Look good by efficiently using your website as a tool for your business
    • Look good with concise, powerful, professionally written copy
    • Look good by integrating your ERP or CRM
    When NJ SEO was founded in 2001, most websites were simply brochures. Their main functionality was limited to a form on the Contact Us page, or perhaps a small store. Nowadays, websites connect with back-end systems to streamline your business processes, which increases operational efficiencies, driving down your costs to increase profits.
    Today your prospects expect more. Along with other online conveniences, they want to order on their smart phones, receive email updates, have their shipments tracked, and get fast delivery. If your company’s website does not fulfill these expectations, you risk losing business to competitors who have websites that do.
    More Than Just Design
    The day of the single-person website company, prevalent as recently as ten years ago, is very much over. Building an effective business website nowadays involves much more than “only” graphic design and coding. For example, maximizing a website’s search engine optimization (SEO) and/or “pay per click” functionality is a profession unto itself—and we have experts on staff who deal only with that.
    Similarly, integrating your e-commerce system seamlessly into your website design requires a team of professionals who are expert at working collaboratively across disciplines.
    Quite frankly, given industry trends, the one-person Web-provider who builds your website today probably will not be in business tomorrow to help you with its maintenance or updating.
    Design Today
    Website graphic design has changed significantly over the past ten years. Driven by the smart phone revolution, the style today is much more streamlined, linear, and two-dimensional to accommodate smaller screens. This adds to the challenge of good graphic design: providing the most user-friendly experience and maximum functionality while simultaneously maintaining your company’s graphic identity—all with fewer design elements!

    Beyond excellent artistic ability and esthetic sense, getting all that right requires a graphic designer who knows how to build a “human interface” that is not only beautiful but that also maximizes the user-experience so that your website is easily used on any device—large or small.
    Website design today must:
    • Be clean and easy to use
    • Load quickly
    • Look professional and appealing
    • Work on virtually all devices
    • Get website visitors to what they’re looking for
    • Be easy to add content to
    • Connect with CRM or ERP systems to make your business more efficient