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    NJ SEO
    Web Design & Development
    Our creative team blends a passion for great graphic design with solid development principles to make sure everything functions at the highest level.
    We make websites that are hand-crafted and carefully designed.
    Our practices ensure good visibility so your customers can find you.
    We provide a high-quality of service at every step.
    Our Design Process
    We'll discuss your business and how to best reach your customers.
    We will create an initial layout/design and work with you to make it perfect.
    With an approved design, the coding begins and your website will begin to take shape.
    When the building is complete, we'll put on the finishing touches, and your new site will go live!
    Basic Website Features
    • Custom Design & Layout
    • Static Content Pages (Product or service pages, Staff pages, pages that don't change often, etc.)
    • Contact Forms
    • Custom Images/Graphics for Site
    • Basic Image Sliders (Homepage banners, etc)
    • Customized Website Navigation
    Advanced Website Features
    • Blogs
    • Event Calendars
    • Email/Newsletter Systems
    • Responsive/Mobile Friendly
    • E-Commerce
    • WordPress/Other CMS Platforms
    • Photography - staff, product, office, or building photos
    Mobile vs. Responsive Websites
    Mobile websites are designed specifically for mobile devices and will appear different than the desktop version of your site. Most times, a mobile website is just the barebones version of your website with fewer pages, images, etc. Typically a mobile website will include a link to the full version of your site so that viewers can find more information, but it may not display properly on a mobile device. When viewers go to your website from a smart phone, your website will “auto detect” what type of device they are using and will redirect them to the mobile site.
    Where mobile websites are completely separate from your desktop version (mobile websites are stored in a different folder on your server), responsive websites are created in a way that allows the content to respond to whatever device you are using. No matter what device your viewer is using (computer, tablet, phone, etc) your branding will be the same. A responsive website is ideal for SEO (search engine optimization) because all of your pages live in the same folder on the server (under one domain: vs. Where mobile sites are condensed specifically for phones and faster loading speed, responsive websites will appear consistent across all devices.