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    NJ SEO
    We are a web design firm in North Hanover Township NJ that understands technology, and a web development firm that can realize design. 20 years strong and recognized nationally for our innovative web & mobile design and development, we deliver profound results for large, medium and small companies.

    NJ SEO is a very unique Web shop...
    Yes, we have some cool people, a great foosball table and a creative juice bar...

    ...but we also have over 20 years building some very cool, challenging web projects. Projects that other web shops might shy away from. Don't get us wrong, we like the easy projects too... but we really shine when we are challenged. We have come across many different industries, and it's cool when we can take an idea from one industry and pollinate it into a project like yours. Below are just a few more reasons to work with NJ SEO:

    We are celebrating our 24th anniversary this year and still work with some of the clients we started working with in 1994. See what some of them have to say about us.
    Because we have embraced open source frameworks for development (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl), there are little-to-no recurring license fees waiting to dwindle your project budget away like you might experience with many commercial products. You can utilize these savings for other projects, or use them to expand future Website development plans.
    Our Project Accelerators Save You Time & Money - we've developed a set of software frameworks that we call solution accelerators (like our NJ SEO. Compose content management system). They provide a price/performance benefit to your company and will accelerate the project development cycle while reducing overall project risk factors.
    We own our data center, which is in the same building as our offices (Local Data Center). We can host your Web site, Web server or Web applications. We also have a disaster recovery site in Freeport, PA for added security if you need it.
    We are your one-stop Web shop - you have one number to call for all of your Web needs. We have project managers, designers, developers and system administrators on staff, full-time.
    We cross-pollinate ideas - the ideas and lessons we have learned since 1994 get passed on to you and your project.
    We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, with an A+ rating and no complaints.
    Why work with NJ SEO?

    We want to work with you!
    We are always looking to work with companies that have great products, services and people.

    Website Design
    Our team was assembled to solve problems by design

    When you meet our team, you will notice something a bit peculiar – none of us wear skinny jeans and we're not fresh out of art school. We're 'seasoned' professionals that have been designing for business since 1994. That's not to say we can't create modern design, it's just that we know when to tell you that the newest trend just might not be right for your brand.

    We really look at design with a different eye. Some of us were schooled in advertising and design, but one of us wanted to be an archaeologist, another a formula one race car driver, even a chemist and cryptographer. It is this odd collection of people with different backgrounds that brings life to your project's design. These varied personalities lead to some really unique thinking and a cross-pollination of ideas that might just give your project's design an injection of brilliance.

    Of course, when we do finally put pencil to paper, we have the ability to come up with some award-winning web designs. Since 1994 we have worked on hundreds of web projects, immersing ourselves in design, brand strategy, usability and technology along the way. Design decisions are based on what we have learned from similar and different web projects. We know what really works for a website.

    Let NJ SEO help you to envision, specify and design your company's digital presence!