SEO will bring You targeted website traffic

    NJ SEO

    NJ SEO is proud to be the web design studio of choice for a variety of local and national businesses. We do loads of strategically creative sites for creative businesses: writers, actors, artists, musicians… But we also do strategically creative sites for more traditional businesses: farmers, water treatment experts, therapists, grocers, plumbers, couriers…

    Our strategic creativity starts with a client trifecta:
    • Identifying the target markets (primary, secondary and tertiary)
    • Evaluating the competition
    • Distilling the USP (unique selling proposition)

    Seems easy, and sometimes it is, but it can be especially difficult for a client to see the forest for the trees. Give us a ring and we’ll helicopter up and tell you what we see and how we can help you cook-up some biz.

    NJ SEO is proud to be the premier web designer for the Voice Over acting community. Web design for voice over actors is how we began back in 2001 (yeah, like the movie) and it has been...
    To this day we still have many, many of the grateful and loyal clients we started with back then. As the technology has evolved, so have their websites. There's a wide range of examples here but fear not, we do simple-but-awesome VO sites for as little as $550 and they ain't no one-size-fits-all junk.

    Other than Social Media Marketing via your own social media presence, the opportunities to reach captured target-marketed eyeballs are far and few between but not non-existent. Some options include: trade publications, trade-relevant event brochures, email and Social Media Advertising. Below are some samples of print adverting, email campaigns and social media ads.