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    NJ SEO
    Website Development
    As the hub for your online marketing and a sales tool, your website should have all the necessary functionality, with a design that effectively represents your brand. It must be easy for users to find and use, and well-structured for ongoing updates. At NJ SEO, we specialize in building websites and handling all technical, content and marketing support to help businesses grow. We specialize in Magento for e-commerce websites, Drupal for large corporate and healthcare websites, and WordPress for business websites.

    Our experienced team can provide all the support needed to help your website reach its full potential. When building a new site or updating an existing one, we’ll be your partner for programming, creative & content development, search optimization, and marketing. We can also manage ongoing updates, or hand over the reigns and train you on handling updates.

    Create a Strong Online Presence and User Experience
    These factors can make the difference between someone leaving your site or staying to become an advocate or loyal customer:
    • The look and feel – Your website must provide information visitors seek, in a clear and easy-to-navigate format. The design should represent your brand, vision and goals, with related search terms built in so search engines can recognize (index) the site and lead people to it.

    • Custom Coding and Design – While free website design templates may work fine for a basic website, they won’t facilitate projecting the distinctive, professional image you want to convey. Custom-coding provides several benefits, and does not have to be cost prohibitive.
    • Content Strategy and Management – A user-friendly content management system such as WordPress makes it easy for administrators to add new pages, photos, text, etc. at any time, with no IT expertise needed. Continually adding content helps engage new and repeat visitors.

    Combine Technical Features, Creativity and Common Sense
    In addition to being useful for visitors/customers, your website can be a tool for various business functions. Whether you’re using the website to sell merchandise, offer services, gather leads, or share information, consider the following:
    • Network security
    • Client-side and server-side scripting
    • Database management
    • Using the website to build a database of customers
    • Sales funnels with distinct leads triggers
    • Product customization
    • Website portal for B2B or B2C presentations of data
    • Customer forms, surveys and questionnaires