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    An engaging website is measured by how effective it is and if it helps you reach your business goals—not just by its “wow factor.” A responsive, mobile-friendly website that is designed with your target market in mind introduces an audience to your brand, produces leads, generates business, and creates a loyal customer base.

    Look past the graphics, images, and text that are used to put a site together and instead think about it in simple terms: Your website is a tool to help you achieve your business goals. These goals may include building your brand, acting as your primary lead source, selling your products, attracting local business, forming relationships with clients, or holding a fundraiser. As long as your website is designed to reach these objectives, you’ll be able to grow your business from there.

    Are You Mobile Friendly?
    In the past few years, responsive design has become important as Google has awarded mobile-friendly sites with higher rankings while downgrading the rankings of those without a responsive site. Customers enjoy the user-friendly experience, making it more likely that they will buy your products and share your content.

    Over 65% of businesses see their online sales increase by over 60% once they converted their site to one with responsive design. We see huge year-over-year improvements in all of the responsive websites that we design.

    Why Choose NJ SEO for your Website Design?
    You know the saying, “Do what you do best, and outsource the rest.” This applies to building professional, mobile-friendly websites. Our website designers have years of experience building responsive websites that generate leads for businesses and meet the goals that business owners want to achieve.

    We use a team of graphic design, development, and content professionals, all led by a project manager to keep your website project humming along. We’ll take you step-by-step through the development of your site using the Digital HI Web Design Process. For more than a decade, this process has helped us produce thousands of custom-made sites. After your site is live, you’ll have 24/7 online and phone support.

    WordPress Conversion Services
    • Responsive WordPress Conversion
    • WordPress Redesign
    • WordPress CMS Conversions (from Joomla,Drupal)
    • WordPress Support and Security

    Custom Landing Pages
    • For PPC
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