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    You’ve heard of places that offer free websites and automated services, but you don’t know why should go with a custom designer. Well, we’ve got a few pointers on why it is very important to have your business branded and custom designed.

    First, beware of free website services that offer easy quick setups and templates, as these are generic sites used by everyone. This keeps your business from being represented in it’s own unique look. Also, these services usually charge a high monthly cost to upkeep. So this means not only would your site look like everyone else’s site, making any changes outside of their parameters are impossible. Custom creating your site allows for you to be able truly have exactly what you want!
    Next, let’s think about your brand and its overall presence. Whether you have a store front, product or service you offer, there are typically unique characteristics that each business owner would like to focus on. With out of the box solutions, we find this is nearly impossible and can be clunky and nearly useless. You could just conform to what their generators say you can do or you can get it done right and have the ability to say, “Hey, what if we moved this up here” and get an, “Absolutely!”.

    Our Goal and focus is to make sure that your brand is delivered in a unique light that you are proud of and want to show to the world. This should be a fun process for you and your team, not a long and hard one. At NJ SEO we always take into account every client’s needs and tailor our solutions around them. With us, you can be sure that your sight will be current, smooth and most of all, responsive to the viewing platforms of your clients!

    We offer a multitude of packages offering our quick start branding services for those clients that need a website, custom design and graphics fast. All of our solutions are built with easy to manage backend corporate panels, which puts the raw power of your site into your hands. For those that are hands off, we can also manage and maintain your website for you. We are sure we can be all you need and more. We promise to deliver a custom solution that will accurately define you and your brand.