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    What is Value Driven Website Design?
    Value Driven Website Design is an evolved approach to website design that aims to eliminate the risks and inefficiencies of traditional methods. The primary starting goal of Value Driven Website Design is to get a new website launched a quickly as possible, minimizing out of pocket cost. Our approach brings businesses to market faster (typically within 30 days) and uses the new website to gather actionable customer insights immediately. After launch, the ongoing goal is to optimize website performance by continually refining the user experience and introducing improvements based on data collected from actual website visitors.

    Launch Quickly
    The average website takes 3 – 6 months to complete using traditional development methods. It requires a ton of resources and involvement from your team – detracting from other responsibilities. Value Driven Design shoots for a 30 day website launch. You get to market quickly, measuring important performance metrics to inform future website improvements. While the new launchpad website is not complete by any means, it is better than your old site, mobile responsive, and serves as a perfect foundation for all future improvements.

    As you’ll see in our design portfolio, we showcase a wide variety of website, logo and corporate designs. Each product is custom built with the experienced insight of our developers and marketing experts. As is demonstrated, you’ll notice that our focus aesthetically is on clean, professional appearance and branding.

    Beyond the simple look and feel of your website lies the functionality and it’s overall ability to provide users what they are looking for. This is effectively what search engines are measuring as they are rating various websites for certain search terms.

    The content management system allows for your website to be easily edited without the need for any special computer knowledge or training. You will be able to simply maintain accurate, robust content on your website in-house without any need for expert assistance. An accurate, updated website will be seen as more valuable than one with stale content.

    Generally speaking, many websites are not properly maintained, updated or utilized due to the hassle or expense involved with such maintenance. This diminishes the value of the website through deteriorating search engine ranking and outdated content. Our system will allow you to take control of your website, manage the content quickly and easily, and truly engage your website as a useful tool to promote your business.

    Your website will include features that will enable you to do the following simply and efficiently:

    • Update text, graphics and links
    • Add, delete, relocate, or rename pages
    • Edit or update your photo galleries or video libraries
    • Change Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
    • Create and send newsletters
    • Maintain and display your calendar of events
    • Manage all content to increase search engine ranking
    • Obtain all analytical data for visits to your website
    • Hide pages you are working on, or set schedule for when information should appear on your site
    • In case of mistakes, our favorite CMS has an undo function you can access yourself

    Your website will be fully customized by NJ SEO so you’ll only see features that are in use and interesting to your visitors. Our programmers have the ability to add automation and mechanisms including data forms, database integration, shopping cart/e-commerce, fundraising mechanisms, and most anything else that will benefit your business. You have the ability to start simply with your core design, then grow from there. Some ancillary advantages of using either TYPO3 or WordPress:

    • Your website will never be obsolete – over 10,000 programmers worldwide contributing every day
    • Cost effective – there is no licensing fee for installing or using the software (open source)
    • Reduced hosting and maintenance cost – self administration means you aren’t paying for changes
    • Variable access permissions for your site administrators
    • Unlimited extensions, additions and flexibility
    • System flexibility – ability to change features and functionality on your website with relative ease
    • Improved security through frequent update cycles