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    NJ SEO
    Web Design in New Jersey

    Our Approach
    NJ SEO offers a unique approach to web design. We offer a type of web design that is neither IT nor art school. Instead, we focus on the marketing message, how it fits your brand and most importantly, how it meets the needs of your website’s visitors in such a way that compels them to take action.

    Our Quality
    We always design for the client. We start by discovering and researching your competiton. We analyze their web presence based on several criteria, including their design quality, the amount of content and pages their website has, their link structure, their traffic sources, their pagerank, Alexa score, and others.
    We then consult with you regarding the best approach to carve out a niche that your competition is missing. Our goal is to always outshine your competition from every possible perspective:

    • Design Quality
    • Content coverage
    • SEO structure
    • HTML/CSS Quality
    • 4E (our proprietary web design formula)
    • Our Web Design Process

    Once we have a clear direction, we begin the website designing phase. There is a design revision process that allows our clients to provide feedback on the website’s new look and feel. Once the mockup for the new website design is approved, we hand code the exact approved design into a ‘template’ that is applied to all the pages on the new website. we load the fresh content and add any functionality before finally launching the new website live on the web. Then we celebrate!

    Why Choose NJ SEO?
    Our websites are built from the ground up with results in mind. We consider every possible aspect of your goals and strategies beforehand. Our sites are built to grow with you and have longer shelf life than anyone in our industry.
    We also specialize in Internet Marketing. Our clients typically rehire us to help market their websites and keep us long-term. We are in business to grow your business.

    This has been the key to our own success.
    From budget solutions to full-featured sites, we have what you need. We take great pride in every site we build and work honestly and diligently until you are 100% satisfied. Please contact us today so we can begin outlining your site requirements for a custom quote. You may also see some of our other web design projects we designed for satisfied customers.