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    Every significant new web project poses unique challenges, but the overall process of developing a complex web site generally follows four major stages that we will guide you through in crafting your final project plan and proposal documents:
    • Site definition and planning
    • Information architecture
    • Site design
    • Site construction
    • Publishing

    Site Definition and Planning
    The NJ SEO helps your organization to define the goals, objectives, and the scope of the site. The planning process consists of defining the interactive functionality, and technology required to meet the user’s expectation.

    Information Architecture
    The information architecture varies according to the project plan and the work being requested. At this stage we detail the content and organization of the web site.

    Site Design
    At this stage the project acquires its look and feel, as the page grid, page design, and we create overall graphic design standards.

    Site Construction
    The final stage consists of the actual creation of the web pages that make up the site. Typical products or deliverables at the end of this stage should include:

    • Finished html for all web pages, all page content and graphics in place
    • Finished navigation link structure
    • All programming in place and linked to pages, ready for user testing
    • Publishing

    Upon approval, the site is published to the live environment. Any additional changes are made through our maintenance process.