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    NJ SEO
    We provide incredibly especially, extremely, incredibly, beautiful and fully responsive websites.
    At NJ SEO we specialize in creating websites that not just look
    GREAT but work on all browsers and mobile devices!

    A new approach to building websites
    It’s about carefully crafting a website to be usable and aesthetically pleasing across a wide range of devices. Responsive websites use a fluid layout that adapts and responds to your user. Meaning that you are able to maintain one website that will serve all of your customers, no matter where or what they are viewing it on.

    Brand Value
    Responsive web design allows you to prominently display important information page-by-page, regardless of space. You’ll always clearly communicate your brand value.

    Always Engaging
    With responsive website design, the simplicity of minimal decoration for content and functionality makes it easy for users to “get around” your site.

    The need for user convenience makes usage of multi-screens a way of life. Responsive website design accommodates user behavior today and anticipates the device delivery innovations that will impact consumer behavior in the future. Consolidating all your content into one site, responsive website design delivers seamless interaction and a flawless user experience device-to-device. We’ll leverage our responsive design expertise and help you engage your customers with fluid design, flexible images and overall simplicity. Reach your customers on multiple touch points to increase your conversions and grow your business today, tomorrow and in the years to come.

    Responsive web design is reliant on Cascading Style Sheets, more commonly known as CSS, a form of website communication that governs features like fonts, layouts, spacing and colors. CSS takes the content you already have and makes it more attractive; what’s more, it also ensures consistent styling on web pages throughout your site. And, it saves time, Make a change once; it appears on every page. Encounter a glitch. With responsive design, one fix repairs all your user access systems. That’s crisis management at its best.

    We leverage Bootstrap, an increasingly popular, flexible open-source framework, to create your site. Front-end design and site execution is made easy with Bootstrap. Your users will have an enjoyable experience. You’ll have the benefit of continuous metric capabilities to see whether it’s the prominent display of compelling content or a call-to-action that’s center stage in turning browsers to buyers when they’re on your responsive website.

    Responsive website design offers your users a seamless experience regardless of device. They can browse, transact or grab information on-the-run. Layouts shift seamlessly device to device. And, because devices dictate behaviors, users can swipe, hover or touch. With responsive website design, we vary navigation by device. What’s more, on small screens, we make sure touch regions are big enough for easy clicking.

    Design constraints created by the use of smaller screens have led developers and designers to find common ground in developing for all devices. This means design, images, content presentation and functionality have been simplified for multiple device use. This simplicity helps with navigation and interactivity allowing for customers to experience your site more efficiently and quickly. The payoff: more conversions for you.

    NJ SEO Services
    Website Maintenance & Support Services
    Are you not getting the support you deserve from your current Webmaster or Website Development company? Do you wish that when you needed some help or had a simple question you needed an answer to or a problem fixed immediately? If the answer is yes please fill out our contact form and we will be contacting you right away!

    Help to Maintain and Support Your Website!
    Does your website require an update, but your time and resources are too depleted to do it yourself? We can help! We offer updates to content, we can manage your website’s hosting, offer a backup, and even optimize your website for SEO purposes. Plus, if there’s something specific your site needs, just ask! We probably do that, too.

    Do you know if your website needs maintenance?
    While everyone knows the benefits of having a website in today’s market, since it allows customers to get a feel for your business, your location, hours, and products and services, it only helps if they can find it.

    Every company has a website it seems, making the competition even fiercer to keep at the top of web searches. If your customers are looking for your products and services, you want to make sure it is you they find, and not your competitors, so you have to have a current, user-friendly website that has informative content and has the keywords you want your customers to find you for.

    Old blog posts or updates leave you floundering in terms of search engines like Bing and Google. They want recent and useful information, and we understand how to make that happen.
    Instead of having to regularly sign into your own website, which can be overwhelming, frustrating, or confusing, let us help keep your website up to date. We can manage the entire site, add new content to keep your customers up to date, backup your information, and host the site, all while applying the best SEO practices to get your site ranking up top.

    How much is website maintenance going to cost?
    This depends on what you need. Here’s the options we offer.
    First, you can get ad-hoc service, paying $ each hour that you need us to work on your site.
    Second, you can set up a monthly plan with us, with a specific number of hours set aside for your website each and every month for all of our services, starting at just $120 each month.
    The most popular bundle we offer, which we call medium, offers two hours each month for us to upgrade your system, add SEO work, or add new content, whatever you need most. Go up to $300 each month, and you can have your entire site managed and hosted, and each week, your entire site will have a backup performed.

    What benefits does this offer?
    Here are just a few of the benefits of having monthly maintenance for your website:
    • Content updates
    • Security updates
    • Blog and Social Media Posting
    • Automatic function and feature additions as needed
    • Advice to boost your rankings