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    We offer a wide selection of IT Services for Small and Medium Size Businesses.

    Our support teams work around the clock and are available 24/7. Just submit a ticket and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

    We’ve partnered with some of the best graphic designers to ensure we over exceed our client’s expectations with all of their graphic design projects.

    Our professional web design services will deliver you a website that is eye catching, modern, and interactive for your clients.

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    Professional IT Services
    Here’s Why We Beat All Other IT Companies

    We don’t overcharge any of our clients with outrageous fees. Most of the work we do boils down to about $85/hr, including all of our IT solutions plus our online marketing services, like Google AdWords Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads.

    For every solution we deliver, we offer 100% full-time professional support. This commitment has earned us great customer reviews. Our support team is made up of certified professionals with decades of experience. You can call us anytime 24/7/365, we’ll be there.

    You don’t need to drive around town or Google for various services. We have over 10 years of experience in the IT and online marketing fields. We’ve worked with all technologies and have managed over a million dollars in online marketing.

    We only provide services that our clients need. We never oversell any of our services. We offer prices that are undeniably less expensive than our competition. That is how we’ve been able to provide better value to our clients.

    If your business is in the New Jersey areas, and you’re interested in a website service, contact us and we will offer you the best web design you can ever ask for! But don’t take our word for it, ask us for our references and review our portfolio.

    There are a number of different web design companies in New Jersey but very few of them fundamentally understand the “business side” of having a website. For us, it’s not just about having a website with great visual graphics (although we know how important that factor is). For us, it’s about having a GREAT visually appealing website that can actually generate leads or sales for your business. That’s been one of the reasons why a lot of companies in New Jersey have chosen us as their “go to” web design firm for all of their web design projects.

    These companies understand that these days, web design firms are an essential source of assistance for all business owners who are finding it difficult to perform efficient promotion of their services and products, on the internet.

    In order for us to continue to be the best web Design Company near New Jersey, we only hire experienced web designers and graphic designers. Our web designers are well-versed on all forms of programming languages that are essential in highlighting the best aspects of a new website project. Our web designers are efficient in integrating various features with different types of functionality and incorporate elegance to a website.

    Our graphic designers are assigned to create all of the website’s visual graphics including the logo, icons, web banners, and more.

    The role of our web designers is definitely different from our graphic designers. They are engaged in the creation of web pages for the web. They design the graphical display of the content and the images that are further shown on the web in the form of web pages. Web designers make use of different applications like HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP and Photoshop including the images like JPG. The role of web designers has been more inclined towards the technical side. Contrary to the duties of web designers, the role of graphic designers is seriously concise.

    When we start a new web design project, we always start with researching our new client. We send them a questionnaire with questions about their project goals, the concept of their new site, their target audience, their current marketing campaigns, their content, and several more questions that would help us create the best website for our client.

    We also spend a lot of time researching their competitors to see how we can do things better for our clients.

    If you are considering hiring a company for web design, it is crucial that you ask the web design firm to show you their portfolio AND several professional references. We have both.

    If you are looking for a reliable company that can offer the best service when it comes to web design, do not forget that NJ SEO is here to assist you.