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    Web design isn’t about pretty pictures. It’s about employing usability-driven core design principles to drive more eCommerce business, generate more leads, and make sure your website is responsive to different screen sizes and devices (particularly mobile).

    Yes, your site has to look good, but not at the cost of performance. If you want to win on the web, your website needs to achieve a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. You need a design that captivates your audience and captures the lead or the sale. NJ SEO’s web design experts know just how to accomplish that.

    As a Rutherford web design leader, NJ SEO believes in making data-driven decisions. We stay on top of the latest trends and usability research—delivering websites that are beautiful and functional, eye-catching and sticky, compelling and action-inducing. (And aren’t outdated the day they launch.)

    The last thing you want to see when you visit a website on your mobile phone is a bunch of tiny text that you have to expand. Your customers feel the same way. In fact, Google’s own research has shown that when people visit a site that doesn’t function well on their mobile device, they assume the company doesn’t really want their business.

    That’s why responsive web design is no longer an advantage; it’s an expectation. On the back end, responsive development has its own advantages. But on the front end, responsive web design—the ability of your website to automatically adjust to (and look great on) any screen size—leads directly to better engagement, higher lead generation and greater sales conversions.

    Get In The Game
    If your site doesn’t use responsive design, you’re not even in the game. NJ SEO has been a Rutherford leader in responsive web design since the technology was introduced, and we know how to create a web presence that gives your customers an ideal experience no matter how they access your site.

    Even if you think you’re doing eCommerce well, chances are you could be doing it a lot better. Rather than give you a bunch of fluffy marketing lingo on why we’re the eCommerce leaders, we’ll just get right down to business.

    01 Experience
    Nearly half of our customers are eCommerce clients, and we’ve been doing it longer than just about anybody in town.

    02 Usability
    Anyone can put your products online. We convert online sales through high-level usability at every step of the customer experience.

    03 Technology
    Magento® is the best open-source eCommerce platform in the world, and we’re one of the top Magento firms in Minnesota.

    04 Integration
    We can seamlessly merge multiple eCommerce elements, from rewards points for buyers to staging for promotions and multi-store platforms. Additionally, we are very experienced with ERP, CRM and fulfillment system integrations.

    05 Marketing & Analytics
    Building your site is only half the battle. No other agency can position your site better in the search world and tap Adobe Analytics to make it perform better today than it did yesterday.

    You go to the doctor for two reasons:

    You don’t know what’s wrong with you, and only they can tell you.

    You already know what’s wrong with you, but only they can fix it.

    Online lead generation works the same way. Sometimes people know the problem; other times they know the solution. The key is getting both types to find your site, stay there and ultimately give you their business.

    Our Sites
    NJ SEO opens the door so you can close the deal—giving you a web design that serves as an ongoing touch point throughout your entire sales cycle. Our sites:

    • Get you high in Google search results with both problem- and solution-seekers
    • Appeal to all potential visitors in both content and web design
    • Immediately show visitors the fit between their needs and your offerings
    • Inspire people to ask for more information
    • Keep content current to incite repeat visits
    • Turn researchers into buyers as quickly as possible.