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    NJ SEO

    Maximize your marketing potential every step of the way.
    We’re a creative collective with deep roots in digital branding and inbound marketing. We’re here to help your business find a fresh way forward with a strategic, results-driven approach that will make you — and your customers — true believers.

    Brand Identity
    It’s more than a clever logo or pretty picture. We’ll put our heads together with yours and learn what makes your business tick, who in the wide world cares, and how to move them.

    Web Design
    They used to call it the "information super-highway..." Today the web is all about getting things done. If your site doesn’t inspire immediate action, it’s a waste of cyberspace.

    Video and Animation
    A picture is worth a thousand words. A moving one is worth a million (but costs a lot less). Today's online audience would rather watch than read—and that includes your customers.

    Online Marketing
    The greatest madness of modern marketing is that so many digital agencies are getting rich by providing their clients high-concept/low-return campaigns. Demand results, not receipts.

    Our Process

    Is it art or is it science?
    It's both. Creating a brand, designing a website, developing a master plan for marketing success: each is definitely an art, with a healthy dose of science behind it. The most important mix of art and science, though, happens after launch. Our process focuses on a great strategy up front, with built-in optimization of traffic attraction and audience conversion after launch.

    Step 1: Strategize
    Shoot bullets, not blanks.
    We like strategy. It’s the big, stretchy rubber band that holds everything else together. It surrounds us, it encompasses us, it binds the … you get the drift. As such, it’s the starting place for everything we do.

    What to expect:
    Bet you can’t wait to see your new design. Neither can us. But before we get there, we’re going to spend a little time talking, and thinking—and presenting it all back to you. We call it discovery, and it’s the critical key to our success—and yours. And it’s included as the starting point of every project.

    How we're different:
    Some web design companies jump right in and start designing before your very first meeting. And some agencies like to hear themselves talk (and talk). We’ve worked hard to find just the right balance between talk and action. Experience tells us great design is never enough. Successful online marketing outcomes—i.e., results—require brains and beauty.

    Step 2: Design
    Our approach to web design is simple.
    Every page needs to convey critical information, and incite specific action. We carry that over to print, with a strong focus on “calls to action” for measureable results.

    What to expect:
    While there's a trend toward digital marketing that's all about the flash and dazzle, we start by laying out a digital strategy. Only then do we move on to design. Form follows function.

    How we're different:
    Our designs are driven by best practices and based on our review of hundreds of conversion rate optimization and usability studies. Not by the designer's mood that day.

    Step 3: Develop
    Our development team is so good, if we can think it, they can build it.
    Whatever the final design, expect the latest technology and best practices for your website, built on a dynamically styled and scalable structure.

    What to expect:
    You will barely be aware of the development process—it is simply done the right way, the first time. And neither you nor we will be embarrassed if a third party happens to look under the hood at some point in the future.

    How we’re different:
    While we believe that great development is vital to the success of a website, we don’t believe that your online marketing success hinges on the technology employed. We won’t try to scam you into thinking that you need to use one particular system or language. We want what you want: A site that works well, does what it is supposed to do, and gets results.

    Step 4: Market
    We're marketers, first and foremost.
    We're true believers in the power of inbound marketing (notice, we don’t need sales people). We know how to drive traffic, and we know how to convert it.

    What to expect:
    Expect a realistic plan to drive traffic—in the short-term and the long-term. Expect highly specific audience segmentation, lead funneling, and conversion magnets. Expect results.

    How we’re different:
    Peek behind the curtain at most other digital marketing agencies, and chances are you’ll find “strategies” built around a menu of pre-planned, packaged services. Not here. While we do believe in best practices, we also believe that each client needs unique, experienced attention in order to drive results.

    Step 5: Test
    We guide your marketing based on numbers, not conjecture.
    Our online marketing strategies aren’t based on "Build It and They Will Come" or "Hail Mary" marketing mentalities. We have a very large tool box and use it to make factual, actionable recommendations.

    What to expect:
    Results—not promises. In fact, we’re a little pushy when it comes to that. We’ll let you know when we think something won’t work, but we’ll always suggest workable alternatives that fit your strategies and drive you ever closer to your objectives.

    How we’re different:
    We never try to sell you a service just because we offer it. Most importantly, we set parameters, track successes, and comprehensively report results so you can understand your ROI.